APWU: RMSS Implementation Dispute Settled for $2 Million

04/01/2015In a March 30 agreement,  the Maintenance Craft settled a long-running dispute over eligibility for promotions for a total of $2 million, Director Steve Raymer has announced.

The settlement, signed by Assistant Director Idowu Balogun, says that 671 employees whose eligibility rating was changed to “ineligible” in August 2009 will each receive a lump-sum payment of $2,950, minus applicable deductions, by the end of Pay Period 10-2015. Payments to former employees and retirees will also be processed during the same time frame, to the extent possible.

The August 2009 “ineligible” ratings also will be removed from employees’ records. Where necessary, employees will complete any remaining steps in the MSS process. Employees who attain an “eligible” rating after completion of all required steps will be placed on the appropriate  PER in accordance with Article 38 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the EL-304 Handbook.

  • Glad u quit

    Another fine win for the apwu as they fight likely the most corrupt govt entity save the majority of politicians themselves

  • Roger Doger

    Once again management has cost the USPS some serious coin by violating the rules.