USPS to delay April 26 rate adjustments

The US Postal Service announced today that it will hold off on rate adjustments scheduled to take effect on April 26. The adjustments, which involve First Class Mail, Special Services and Competitive Products, have already been approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission. Rates affecting Standard Mail, Periodicals and Package Services, however, have not been approved, after the PRC twice rejected USPS rate requests for those classes of mail, saying they were “riddled with errors”, and failed to comply with the law.

The USPS says it doesn’t want to burden customers with multiple implementation dates for different classes, and will set a new date for implementation once it manages to sort out the faulty submissions. It did not offer an estimate of how long that might take.

  • Glad u quit

    Once again rates for first class and other services like Priority mail go up to subsidize the business mail community. No problem approving rate increases for services the general public uses . Gotta make sure we keep all those lobbyist happy with a continuence of their illegal artificially low rates.

  • Robtechno

    I see mail in my mail box from 501’s as low as $0.09 for an envelop. Packages are outrages to ship with USPS and the FedEx and UPS they don’t want our 4 or 6 packages a day as small business. It’s very hard to ship at full price now a days. I have to increase prices not to piss customers off because of the shipping costs.

    These 501’s and non-profits don’t pay taxes and have the best rates possible.
    Magazines go for dimes, instead for dollar stamps.

    It’s ridiculous how Small Businesses are supported now a days.
    NO support at all.
    Give us Small Businesses some support.

    Thank you for your attention Postal News.

  • ZIPThad

    The real story here is that the Board of Governors had to step in and say NO to management to stop these disorganized rate increases. Our new PMG has done nothing but fumble, bumble and stumble since she took office. Now the BOG has to play mommy and daddy to put a stop to the nonsense until the overpaid super geniuses at HQ learn how to to do math and properly fill out forms for the PRC. Total and complete embarrassment.

  • postalnews