Video: Convicted sex offender, mail carrier taken off school’s delivery route

From KAKE Wichita Kansas:

WICHITA — A convicted sex offender and mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Service has been reassigned after concerns that he was going to deliver to local schools.

Haysville Schools say the Postal Service changed Donald Nalley’s route, but he will continue to deliver mail on a different route.

USD 261 spokesperson Liz Hames tells KAKE News that they found out a convicted sex offender was assigned to deliver mail to two of their schools including Ruth Clark Elementary and Campus High School. Hames says the Ruth Clark principal contacted the Postal Service a couple weeks ago and they changed his route before he started delivering to the schools.

Parents are left wondering why the Postal Service would give him this route in the first place.

USPS records show that Nalley is a regular city carrier, hired in 1997. In 2011 he was convicted of felony sexual exploitation of a child.

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  • dauchund

    I was not aware you could work for the Post Office if you have a felony on your record?

  • jus tellin the truth

    As long as u don’t steal meds they let anyone work there even people that have several dwi convictions too ……and if ur a vet u can get away with even more convintions I’ve seen it with my own eyes I’ve been a employee for 18 yrs there and have seen it all

  • vitameatavegamin

    Why was he still employed after the 2011 conviction?????

  • Kevin Pettit

    Thank the NALC and other unions for the scum of the earth being able to keep their jobs.

  • spanky spangler

    Just make him a supervisor

  • BobOfArslan

    Very good chance he lied on employment application. Meaning he is toast now.

  • ArseOfBonlan

    Try reading the story before commenting. He was hired in 1997. The conviction was in 2011.

  • Gomer


  • BobOfArslan

    Very good chance he never reported this to his employer, and employer never knew until now. Meaning, same result, he is toast. You’re move genius.