Video: Camera captures package tossing, odd behavior by a postal service employee

OKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma City man says his home surveillance system recorded a U.S. Postal Service employee recklessly handling his mail packages.

Pedro Gonzales says he installed security cameras on his home to keep thieves from stealing his packages.

He hasn’t caught any thieves yet, but on Sunday morning, Gonzales says his security system delivered a message to him that had him going postal.

“Oh I was livid, I was mad, a few expletives were spoken. It was like I cant believe this,” Gonzales said.

The video reportedly shows a United States Postal Service employee throwing fragile packages through the air on to Gonzales’ front porch.

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  • steve

    looks like a CCA

  • Fred Kaminski Sr.

    Well. The Reason she made the lap around the LLV, was to check to see if anyone was behind it.

  • Fred Kaminski Sr.

    How could that envelope hold that box the security camera came in? Looks to me the box is too thick (big) for the envelope ?

  • mailisa

    That package was thrown harder in the office for sorting, she was a CCA getting hounded for her time on the street I bet.

  • joe stutzman

    temp, new hire, or low level–RUN to keep your job employee.note the jeans.

  • Cliff Clavin

    I think it was a 204B.

  • Patrick

    Not strange at all. She properly took a lap around the truck as a safety precaution to make sure there were no kids or anything in the way of her truck before backing up. I did *not* see the package marked “fragile”. And the clerks most probably tossed the packages when sorting them (as do all delivery companies)

  • Patrick

    There were *two* packages, a box, and an envelope.

  • Ryan Kuwahara

    Or a CCA

  • lmr

    she should not have pulled into drive way. so, nobody behind vehicle, but I bet she still backed up anyway which is always a no no