Former stamp committee member says Manabe didn’t really understand stamps

From Postcom: Cary Brick, a former member of the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee (and long time aide to former Congressman John McHugh) has suggested that Nagisa Manabe, the USPS Chief Marketing Officer who is rumored to be stepping down soon, never really understood stamps:

batman-03As perhaps the most vocal of her outside L’Enfant Plaza critics, I wish my friend Ms. Manabe well as she moves on to the next step in her marketing career. While I know her intentions were sincere her job performance demonstrated a lack of understanding and appreciation of the historical place postage stamps hold in the American experience. She never really understood that role. Her background in the hardcore competitive marketing of soap, soft drinks, soups, baby lotions, bandages, mouthwash and mayo did not serve USPS’s stamp program well; stamps are not kitchen cupboard or bathroom medicine cabinet products.

Brick also suggests that Manabe could have avoided all the “turbulence she brought to the office” if she’d left L’Enfant Plaza for a day to visit post offices and talk to the window clerks.

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