Video: Customers help Iowa carrier rescue mail as another LLV goes up in flames

Cindy Payne has been working for the United States Postal Service for 20 years. She said she hasn’t seen anything like this: all that is left is a melted mailbox, some burnt grass and charred pavement.

“It was really nice weather out, had the windows down and coming down this street, going box to box,” Payne said.

Payne then started to smell smoke and looked out her window to see smoke coming from the hood of her truck.

“A couple houses down he has a cooker and stuff and I thought, ‘oh that smells good,’ went a couple more boxes and realized it was me smoking,” she said.

She said she turned her truck off and got out to find her hood engulfed in flames, so she did the first thing that came to mind, “grab the mail and protect the mail,” she said.

via Mail Carrier To The Rescue – KGAN-TV CBS 2 Iowa – Top Stories.

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    Move on! Nothing to see here! Only about the 12th LLV to go up flames in last 8 years!