Video: Pocatello Mayor Holds 11th Hour Town Hall to Reverse USPS Plant Closure

The announcement came over three years ago. The United States Post Office made a final decision to close the processing plant in Pocatello.

Since then, postal employees and local officials have been appealing to the post office to take the closure off the table. Monday night, one last push was made to change the minds of the USPS.

With a month to go until the closure, Pocatello Mayor Brian Blad held a public meeting to discuss and address the fate of the Flandro Drive Mail Processing Center and the 59 people the center employs.

via Mayor Holds 11th Hour Town Hall to Reverse USPS Plant Closure – KPVI News 6 – Pocatello, ID.

  • MrPolarBear

    You guys don’t understand…..Congress is bankrupting the Postal Service with a 2006 bill mandating the USPS to give congress 88 billion dollars. So in order to come up with the money, they have to shut down these plants. No matter how many meetings you have. It’s not going to change the fact that Congress has mandated the Postal Service to give Congress 5.5 Billion….thats with a “B”….. every year until 2016. So they have no choice but to delay mail and close plants. It’s the law. By the way….this bill that was passed in 2006 is to PRE-FUND medical benefits for ….not current employees….but employees congress thinks the Postal Service might hire. Current employees accounts to pay medical benefits are already over funded….Congress is working to take that money too. Current employees benefits are paid as they go. Just like everybody else who has a job that offers benefits. They only way the post office is going to hire anyone is to replace someone who retires. They have been down sizing employees since 2000. The Postal Service defaulted on several of these payments so Congress is going to extend the mandate until they complete fund the required 88 Billion dollar fund. So far the Postal Service has paid about 50 billion into this fund that……get this…..Congress has spent. Every penny. It’s only an accounting figure on paper. Congress wants to bankrupt the Postal Service so they don’t have to pay this money back. Bankrupting the Postal Service means they don’t have future employees to pay benefits to. It’s a Congressional Scam. Get use to months of mail delays thanks to CONGRESS !

  • Mailman 3282

    The mayor has not Power the post officethey will Close maybe post pone