Video: Fort Myers residents upset mailboxes moved miles away

FORT MYERS, Fla. – People living in one Fort Myers neighborhood want to know what’s going on with their mail delivery. They say their mailboxes were moved miles away without warning.

Residents along Wildcat Drive are fuming. The US Postal Service has moved their cluster of mailboxes from Corkscrew Road to just off State Road 82, which is at least six miles from their homes.

via Fort Myers residents upset mailboxes moved miles away – WFTX-TV Fort Myers/Naples, FL.

  • steve

    ask for a free PO box…

    4.5.2 Free Group E — Free PO Box Service

    Customers may qualify for Group E (free) PO Box service at a Post Office if theirphysical address location meets all of the following criteria:

    a.The physical address is within the geographic delivery ZIP Code boundariesadministered by a Post Office.

    b.The physical address constitutes a potential carrier delivery point of service.

    c.USPS does not provide carrier delivery to a mail receptacle at or near a physical address for reasons in 4.5.3b. “At or near a physical address” is defined by reference to how carrier delivery is established in a particular locale or ZIP Code.