Video: Snake problem stops mail at Denver home

DENVER – A Denver family was asked to move their mailbox this week, after mail carriers complained of snakes on the property.

Laurie Simmons got a letter in the mail Friday explaining that she had to either move the mailbox from the porch to the curb or she would have to get a post office box to receive mail.

Simmons and her family rent the home in Denver’s University Hills neighborhood. She said the two snakes that live in her flower bed are garter snakes, which are harmless.

via Snake problem stops mail at Denver home.


    I wonder if this lady is going to run to the news when the USPS and Congress say– no more universal delivery? She will have to go to the CLUSTER BOX down the street soon to deliver the snake-I mean the mail hehehhee

  • joe stutzman

    some peopleare afraid of ALL snakes. heck, some people are afraid of clowns

  • doesn’t matter

    Tabloid news. That’s all this is. The news media wants to put down the Postal Service because it’s Government affiliated. Even garden stakes bite.

  • bigtoneg

    I’m not for the Post Office forcing people to move their boxes of were they want their mail delivery if it’s in the line of travel, but Come clear the delivery box area of any safety issue to not just the Mailman but others who come to your house. Just my opinion as a free American.

  • Van Lingle Mungo

    I’m afraid of clowns. They run the USPS.