Video: Neighbors Upset Over Ongoing Problems With Texas Mailman

MIDLAND – It looks like something done by vandals, but according to residents in Hollandale Heights it’s actually their mailman. Multiple people sent photos to NewsWest 9 of their cluster mailboxes.

You can see that every slot is wide open and mail still sitting in some of them. One person says the mailman told them it slipped his mind. In another photo, mail is scattered on the ground as residents try to pick it all up.

“It’s kind of frustrating to have your mail spread all over the place. The carriers are supposed to have that secure. I don’t know how they got open like that,” Calvin Howell said.

Howell happens to be a retired postal worker and said he was shocked when he heard that their local postman left all of the mail in one box for everyone to pick from.

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  • bob

    free country shame on you

  • deadmanwalking

    Mistakes happen but can you forgive’m

  • RouteAbolished

    You would think that even an 18 year old CCA would have more common sense.

  • stampthis

    Absolutely no excuse.

  • rdd

    You get what you pay for!

  • mr mailman50

    he gives every letter carrier a bad name. his co-workers should step up.

  • SoS

    When you’re running, it’s pretty difficult to do things like open boxes, separate mail, etc.

    Got to get to the next 756 stops before dark…..