Video: Couple upset about deaths of shipped baby chicks

AMES LAKE, Wash. — An Ames Lake couple wants to know how and why 24 baby chicks died in the mail.

William Cutler and his wife planned to breed their flock of Dutch Bantam chicks with the two dozen they ordered from Backyard Chickens in Texas.

Shipping chicks is common across the U.S. Hundreds of thousands are mailed every week. They can survive three to four days after birth with the yolk attached.

But the Cutlers got a call their chicks did not.

"And said they’re all dead," Cutler explained.

That call came from the post office Monday, he says, four days after the delivery receipt says the chicks showed up at a Seattle distribution center.

via Couple upset about deaths of shipped baby chicks.

  • Wake up people

    In Michigan we had to return chicks to the breeders that mailed them, as the shipping for the entire country was shut down due to ice storms in the south and snow and rain up the east coast. Many had been sitting here for a few days already as everyone hoped things would clear. They didn’t. So many destinations were switched to trucks which didn’t fare any better reaching Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, etc..

  • Steven Johnson

    We had 3 boxes of chicks here at the Tampa Fl. P&DC on Sunday March 8th mailed from Ohio on March 3rd. more than 100 chicks all dead. Very sad, what a shame. Mailed 2-day priority. Caught in the storm I was told.

  • YoungDemocrat

    OMG! I can’t get the image of those poor, defenseless chicks dying in agony out of my mind. The thought of what those poor babies went through makes me want to cry and vomit.

  • A fellow MH

    As a MH I can say a lot of these deaths are due to the fact that they simply can’t survive being in a truck in the below freezing weather. During the winter I would unload a specific inbound truck, and on the weekends that truck would contain like 4 cages of chicks, good bunch of them most likely dead due to the inside of the truck being bone chilling. Not sure what else the dispatching facility could’ve done there, they had to be shipped otherwise.

  • BigBob

    The idiots who shipped the birds should spend a few days and nights in an unheated trailer. Without clothes.