Video: 15 Waterbury CT Mail Carriers Hurt on the Job Since January

More than a dozen Waterbury postal workers have been hurt since January thanks to winter weather, which has made for slippery conditions, blocked-off mailboxes and rambunctious dogs.

According to a spokesperson for the U.S. Postal Service, 15 mail carriers in Waterbury have suffered on-the-job injuries over the past three months.

Although most of those injuries are attributable to ice and snow, three postal workers suffered serious dog bites caused by cooped-up pups who rush out of the house when children on vacation come to the door, the USPS said.

via 15 Waterbury Mail Carriers Hurt on the Job Since January | NBC Connecticut.

  • RouteAbolished

    In the private sector, when you have that many workers injured you have to fault management.