Video: Deaf woman says Port Orange FL post office discriminated against her


A deaf woman said a post office in Port Orange discriminated against her when staff members refused to communicate via writing.

The woman wants to remain anonymous, but she texted Local 6 about what happened when she asked the clerk for help with mailing some packages.

"She became agitated when I informed her I am deaf and need her to write down the answer to my question," said the woman.

The woman claimed she explained three times to the employee that she is deaf and can’t hear but said, "I pointed to the paper she had pulled out. She mocked me by pointing at the paper I had but speaking at me again. I asked for a supervisor. She became angry and pointed that I had to go away from her section of the counter."

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  • Tony

    The USPS treats many of their own disabled employees the same and often worse than this. This story only opens a brief peek inside the toxic practices inside the postal service.

  • Nathan Ray

    This time I would have to side with the window clerk. those that have communication issues should provide their own interpreter.