Nonprofits Reel from Rates

From the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers:

Only in the last few days have nonprofits learned the true impact of the Postal Service’s January 15 rate case on their publications. And the impact could be devastating. The overall postal price increase on each class of mail was capped at 1.966%, and—due to some calculation errors—the average increase for Periodicals Mail is now estimated to be about 1.4 percent. But look at the shocking estimated postage increases that a sampling of iconic nonprofit publications face on April 26:

  • Consumer Reports On Health +16.16%
  • Consumer Reports Money Adviser +14.30%
  • Ranger Rick +9.98%
  • Ranger Rick, Jr. +9.98%
  • Guideposts +9.23%
  • Consumer Reports +8.50%
  • National Wildlife +6.62%
  • Angels on Earth +6.12%
  • Consumer Reports Shop Smart +3.40%

These proposed rate increases raise many questions. How did this happen? Why did it take so long to find out? Did the Postal Service really intend to hit nonprofit publications this hard? We do not know all of the answers, but we do think there is a chance that this can be corrected. We believe much of it has to do with the extreme complexity of Periodicals pricing, which is driven by many factors, including weight, volume, zone, editorial versus advertising content, sort level, barcoding, machinability, and containerization.

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