USPS plans replacement for VOE survey

From USPS News Link:

USPS will soon introduce the Postal Pulse, a program that aims to improve postal workplaces by better engaging employees and leveraging their ideas and feedback.

The Postal Pulse will replace the Voice of the Employee survey.

The new program will include one survey of the entire USPS workforce in 2015. This survey will be administered in March.

Beginning in 2016, all employees will be surveyed twice a year.

The Postal Pulse also will include resources to help supervisors interpret the results and put employees’ ideas into action.

The initiative aligns with PMG Megan Brennan’s goal to invest in postal employees.

“As Postmaster General Brennan says, our employees are the bedrock of our success, and their ideas and insights are crucial to our future,” said Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson. “Through the Postal Pulse program, we’ll work together to strengthen our workplaces and continue moving our organization forward.”

Additional details will be announced soon.

  • jt

    we care ! rolmao

  • J Popadocaulus

    My views on my workplace………it sucks.

  • harvesterofsorrow

    Walmart is hiring! !

  • BigBib

    They can call it whatever they want – it still gets tossed in the trash.

  • JG4th

    if it is really that bad you are free to find employment elsewhere… but I doubt that you will

  • 007jayc

    JG4th and harvesterofsorrow, you two are probably the suck @sses that management likes that make it harder for the real workers to do their jobs. Either that or you don’t work for the USPS or you are management. All POs suck because they all treat their employees like crap sooner or later.

  • Liam Skye

    “Oh, you hate your job? Why didn’t you say so? There’s a support group for that. It’s called everybody, and they meet at the bar.”

    – Drew Carey


    So two things here 1: since management used the survey against the APWU during a contract negotiation, the union and its employees do not trust the survey or managemnt and rightfully so!!
    2. since someones Pay for Performance is directly tied into this survey that person or group of people will be more inclined to prioritize the survey over a. employee safety, b. delivering the mail, and c. selling stamps.So until this survey is not used in these two ways it will always be useless!

  • BigBob

    They’re 204b’s – water-boys for supervisors that hope that by kissing the right butt, they’ll eventually get to wear a tie and carry a clipboard. Just like their heroes.

  • Another box of tricks

    Interesting how it is coming out at contract time so as others have said they can use it against us. If they actually did listen to employee ideas some mgr would take a good idea and say it was theirs and get a bonus. Another opportunity for a new VP and several new mgrs to coordinate the surveys. Perhaps they will take the stupid ideas so they can collapse the system sooner. Rest assured they have no real interest in making improvements.

  • Ronnie Parker

    ROFLMAO. I used to fill out all of the VOE surveys. I was a Postmaster for a MPOO who approximately 100 offices. He didn’t return phone calls, didn’t respond to emails, wrote discipline for minor infractions, and treated the people who made him look good horrible. One year we discussed it amongst ourselves and completed the VOE survey so the District would know exactly how he managed. It worked. Yep! He was promoted to the SR MPOO position!!!!!!!! Another MPOO who was a friend of mine said they were NEVER discussed during District meetings.

  • Steve Paradise

    If the PM is really concerned about the employee then stop delaying the mail inorder to close more processing plants and close more rural Post Offices. How I’m treated on the job is secondary as to whether I have a job or not or excessed over a hundred miles away from my home.

  • joe stutzman

    harvest-that’s what we were told when we voiced concerns [as employees] about safety or anything else. we didn’t matter. our ideas didn’t matter. supervisors stole suggestions and made them their own. people were suspended for missing work for cancer surgery or drinking a cup of coffee. yet the carrier supv rode around with a plastic cup of ice and cheap champagne on his dash. he would write u up for smoking while he had a lit cigar in his mouth. yes, employees had a voice and it said the USPS sucks as an employee

  • Fight mgt or bye bye

    It’s amazing how stupid people actually are. The apwu contract was a total piece of crap but by my memory about 3/4 voted for it. I don’t care what Guffy and crew said we were all given information to read to make our own decision. Me , I self servingly voted yes because it was obvious that it would create an early out which it did and which I took. Upper Postal mgt must have had a good laugh that the sheep were so easily led to slaughter. Now there is little hope. The USPS can go to arbitration with confidence cause any arbitrator is biased believing they are in dire financial condition. But some will still be led to slaughter with employee surveys and the like. Many who comment on this site actually believe that without the postal unions the USPS will take of the “good workers”. So sad, so very sad.

  • Mail Clerk

    Fight mgt or bye bye-The Guffey giveaway contract you should have voted no for even if you are retiring had nothing to do with early outs which would have been offered even if it was an arbitrated CBA, and BTW,Guffey waited for months after it was offered to Mail Handlers until he finally signed an early out agreement for the APWU when members ready to retire got sick of waiting and being kept in the dark kept calling heaquarters.Shows how dumb the APWU members are to vote for a crap contract that wasn’t even finalized before it was sent to the members for vote and bought the lies the dirty and incompetent executive board put out to get it ratified.

  • JG4th

    nah guess again…. I didn’t retire from a city position…

  • daddybear67

    My first suggestion would be to actually take the suggestions of a carrier, clerk, mail handler, and any other employees who do the work for and/or the public seriously. Because all of the technology and programs that exist won’t help if you don’t let the employees do their job. Bullying has to go…PERIOD. If the post office doesn’t radically change for the better now, the high stress level will unneededly continue to rise, as will the unrealistic expectations, bullying, and so forth. And the reputation of the post office will drop like a rock.