Video: Frustrated customers in Kentucky ask: “Where’s our mail?”

Lexington, Ky, (WTVQ) — If you had trouble driving this week, so did mail carriers.

ABC 36 news received emails and phone calls this week from people asking, "Where’s our mail?" ABC 36 found out some people not only want their mail, they need it.It’s been a long week for everyone, especially for the U.S. Postal Service.

There are many angry customers out there wondering where their mail is. For others, mail is more than just bills and flyers.

"We do have medicine that is delivered," says Rebecca Woosley.

"It’s an important package, some medical items," says frustrated customer.

For Woosley, she’s been checking her mailbox all week. She says the last time she received mail was Saturday.

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  • sickofidiots

    Welcome to the NEW postal service! Upper management and the GOP in Congress says we need to cut, cut, cut and consolidate EVERYONE! That way, we can achieve poor delivery standards and we will be open to PRIVATIZATION! And just think: most of you elected these people BACK into these positions! When they close the rest of the 82 processing plants, it will get even worse then it is now!

  • IIlIIl111

    And the people hardest hit (like THESE folks) are from the rural RED STATES. I bet they are all cussing Obama as we speak !!! Yeah, I am sickofidiots, too. But unfortunately, they are all allowed to vote………………………