USPS restores network services after two day outage

The US Postal Service told the Associated Press earlier this morning that it had restored its network services Friday night after an outage that had been affecting services since Thursday:

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Postal Service says it’s fixed the electronic glitch that had disrupted some services — and that everything is back to normal.

Spokesman David Partenheimer says in an email that the agency’s communication network was restored Friday night.

Clipboard01As of 2 PM EST Saturday, however, the USPS service alert page was still displaying a an outage message that had not been updated since Friday morning.

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  • Mr. Zip

    Considering the fact that they have yet to be fully upfront about this issue and in some cases outright lied, why should we believe this?


    Excellent point. Would someone please explain to me why USPS is so bull-headed about continuing to use Internet Explorer Version 8? Talk about security issues…

  • Boxclerk

    Not fully back,times web for dock operation was’t working when I clock out today (2-14-15) at 15:30

  • Mr. Zip

    Thanks! I’m not sure why they are being bull-headed about IE Version 8, but I am pretty sure you’ll never get a straight answer. I’ve notice for the past year, USPS has set a pattern for straight out lying to the media. It started with them “responding” to criticism by complaining that the press wasn’t doing their job because they dared not to simply regurgitate USPS talking points. Then they lied about the plant closings not impacting delivery. Then they dragged their feet when responding about the data breach and only came clean when Congress got involved. Now they claim this latest dumpster fire also didn’t affect the mail while employees everywhere claimed it did! And we’re supposed to believe everything is all right now and this entire mess was all the result of a hardware installation? Yeah right! Hold onto your coats, folks. Wait till they start spinning tales on all the layoffs and cuts they have planned.

  • MikeS

    Hey!, we’ve got more important things to do than fill a press release with a bunch of facts. Besides, nobody checks our stories, right?

  • Shyla

    If actual processing and delivery employees operated with the same competence of HQ employees, it would take a year for a letter to move 1 mile and it would end up at 5 different wrong addresses. Just think, they never have to answer for their screw ups.

  • vitameatavegamin

    Hiring cheap IT from North Korea worked out real well………

  • Comedy show

    Now the public knows what the employees have known for years. As the saying goes “if their lips are moving…………”

  • haworth

    I’m a USPS annuitant who has come back for a 3 week temp doing the RRMC. It’s now been almost 2 weeks since they hired me and they have yet to issue me an EIN, assign me to a pay location, or input any clock rings. Perhaps they are thinking I’ll work for free ?

  • Shelby

    Total lie. Systems are still down. They just aren’t admitting it to the public.