USPS hit by network outage

The US Postal Service is having more computer problems. It announced earlier today that some of its IT applications are still down following a network outage that began yesterday. The outage has disrupted the USPS’s internal email systems, services offered at post offices, and customer care center operations. Users attempting to access PostalOne are receiving a message stating “This service is currently unavailable” according to the Intellisent blog.

Here is the statement that appears on the USPS Service Update page:

Outage message for large customers — 11 a.m. Feb. 13, 2015

Some Postal Service information technology applications continue to be non-functional today following yesterday’s unplanned network outage. The outage has resulted in postal email being down and is affecting some services offered at retail offices. Postal Service Customer Care Center operations involving agent assistance is impacted. However, all calls handled by the IVR are functional during the outage.

Scanning operations, including Track & Confirm, continue as normal. The outage is not affecting the acceptance of mail, mail processing or delivery.

This outage is not related to a cyber-intrustion incident. We regret the inconvenience this is causing and we are working to have all systems functioning normally as soon as possible.

via USPS Service Alerts.

  • Not run by geniuses

    Perhaps employee and customer personal information is being hacked again. If so they’ll tell us in a few weeks like last time.

  • Mayra Dube

    USPS can’t communicate with each other…ironic

  • Nah.

    ” The outage is not affecting the acceptance of mail, mail processing or delivery.”

    That’s funny – the Post Office on 3rd Ave in Sunset Park Brooklyn isn’t accepting mail or even doing window service due to this national outage.

  • MrPolarBear

    Lets see…..last time I checked the person in charge of Corporate Communications was making $167.500 per year. Nice job!

  • Bwildered

    These are the same systems that were hacked recently. Few weeks later both the PMG and the head of IT announced their retirements. I don’t believe it’s been resolved. I guess communications will put an email out on a Friday before a holiday to keep us informed. Carry on!

  • Lytn

    More than likely an updated version of the software was sent but Lost in the MAIL!!

  • One manager to 10 employees

    I’ve noticed the comments thus far all display a common theme of employee awareness as it relates to the overpaid incompetents who run our place of employment.

  • surferdude

    I just shipped a package to a friend in NYC (I’m in Minneapolis)..Tracking said it was “out for delivery” yesterday. No updated since. Are post offices around there all having issues?

  • pscully17

    I’m at the postal processing facility in Scarborough Maine. The outage affected mail going put of state as letter trays need to be scanned and tagged for airlines. It was back up at 1 30 am. The new processing standards are 6 weeks old and failing miserably! Change it back Congress!

  • Chris Sabre

    Yeah. Ive been an internarional post for over 10 days myself. No updates!

  • Sully

    Since USPS is so interested in cutting costs, you’d think they would just outsource communications which they way overpay and over staff for at HQ. They could save a lot of money and have actual professionals do the job. Just think if the did the same with their equally incompetent IT department. Nope. That makes too much sense. Instead they’ll cut the people who do the real work.

  • You’reNotThatImportant

    God you people are a bunch of whiners. Stuff happens. Get over it and get over your self perceived importance and know sll of nothing.

  • Pat Donahoe

    Meagan? Shouldn’t you be doing PMG stuff instead of hanging out around here?