PMG Brennan announces Executive Leadership Team

PMG Megan Brennan has announced her Executive Leadership Team (ELT), aiming to continue the Postal Service’s momentum by making few changes to the lineup.

The PMG leads the eight-member ELT, which includes the senior officers. In a Feb. 3 memo, Brennan credited the team’s leadership for the Postal Service’s recent successes.

“As we move forward, I am eager to accelerate the pace of progress, and do so with a high degree of continuity,” the PMG wrote. “For this reason, we are making only minor changes.”

DPMG Ron Stroman will add Chief Government Relations Officer to his role and lead efforts to gain legislative approval to improve the Postal Service’s business model. Stroman has provided strong counsel to his colleagues and proved an able advocate for the organization on Capitol Hill, the PMG wrote.

David Williams, who most recently served as Network Operations VP, will succeed Brennan as Chief Operating Officer. He will lead several initiatives to improve service and streamline mail processing, delivery and Post Office operations.

The ELT’s other members will remain in their current roles:

  • Chief Financial Officer Joe Corbett
  • Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Nagisa Manabe
  • Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson
  • Chief Information Officer Jim Cochrane
  • General Counsel Tom Marshall


The PMG also has altered the USPS organizational structure to align with the Postal Service’s business goals:

  • DPMG and Chief Government Relations Officer Stroman will oversee and manage Government Relations.
  • Since information technology, information security and digital product development are closely aligned, a new position has been created: Chief Information Security Officer and Digital Solutions VP. Randy Miskanic, previously Secure Digital Solutions VP, will fill the new position, which will also focus on digital product development. Miskanic will report to Cochrane and work closely with Manabe.
  • To reflect the need for high-quality analytics and insight, the title Product Information VP has been eliminated and replaced with Enterprise Analytics VP. Robert Cintron will continue in this role and report to Cochrane.
  • Corporate Communications will report to the PMG.


USPS will evaluate the organizational structure on a regular basis, the PMG wrote.

  • James Martin

    The current biggest overhaul was needed at the top. Everything else has been picked clean.

  • Gregg Grubbs

    Just wonder exactly what this executive leadership team does.The USPS is a fairly simple thing to figure out.Mail needs delivery and we deliver it.Trucks bring in mail and trucks take out mail.Post Offices provide services for the public.But still can’t wait to see what this dream team will come up with in the future!! I’m sure it will be earthshattering!!

  • striker

    here we go again the new. the new post office more managers less workers delay the first class mail, and less days to deliver it on, lol congress and all of upper postal management need to take a class on what civil service is and what it stands for whats next cutting back on police and firefighter positions cause they don’t make enough profit

  • Ron From Wisconsin

    From Pat The Ho’ to Megan The Bro’–second verse, same as the first!

  • RouteAbolished

    MISSION: Take mail from point A and deliver it to point B. If you are not a part of this process than you are a hindrance. At least 20 expensive unnecessary positions.

  • Mr. Pete

    Looks like Megan had some work done on her face since we last saw her pictured with Downahole.Like putting lipstick on a cow.