Mail carrier quits, dumps mail in trash, federal prosecutor says

From the Grand Rapids Press:

US-Department-Of-Justi_fmtALLEGAN COUNTY, MI – A U.S. Postal Service worker is facing a federal charge after he allegedly tossed out the mail after quitting his job.

James T. Harris is accused of dumping 412 articles of mail into a trash can at a gas station in Allegan County, according to records filed in U.S. District Court in Grand Rapids.

The alleged crime occurred Dec. 2, 2013, Assistant U.S. Attorney Joel Fauson wrote in court papers.

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  • IIlIIl111

    Hiring cheap non-career labor (CCA’s)
    ……………… get what you what you pay for.

  • Mailman

    This has been going on all over the country with CCA’s, who aren’t going to make it a career of with all the years it takes to become an FTR and moving up the pay scale steps.

  • El Mas Chingon

    we just had a CCA make regular while still on probation

  • Big Perm.

    Postal management only cares about stupid numbers instead of giving service to the American people. I have 30 years in and I can say I’m ashamed to work for this company.

  • El Jefe

    Sounds like nepotism there, CCA has a spouse or relative in management and will be in management before you know it.

  • El Mas Chingon

    Chale, he is from Utah, has no relatives here. It had something to do with the complement, we were authorized another position, he just lucky, some people took almost 10 years to make regular.

  • harvesterofsorrow

    Then resign…..McDonald’s is hiring. I’m a carrier. …I work my route…daily. I’m thankful for the job and pay (benefits)….retire… hold a job you’re ashamed to have..someone else would be thrilled to have the hassle. Quit your crying.

  • Adele Simard Bodanza

    Your statement is ignorant and self-serving. I am a proud RCA who has no interest in becoming a regular; however, I take pride in my work.

  • retired too

    You are blind to the service and job destroying unnecessary decisions that have been made by upper management. The company should be thankful for the dedicated workers that stick it out through their misguided company destroying nonsense. Both customers and employees have suffered because of lousy management at the top.

  • retired too

    Appreciate the pride you take in your work. Please understand that you are in the minority in that you seek only part time employment. Management seeks to make all employees cheap non career labor and that by far most new hires wish full time family sustaining employment.

  • Jason Avant

    Im in an office with 7 routes and we converted 2 ccas in the last year to regulars. Its all about the timing, they came in when we had retirees. Also if there are open ftr spots in your office and theres a cca there, the steward needs to file a grievance to have them c9nverted asap….article 12 is right around the corner

  • Adele Simard Bodanza

    I totally agree and am also frustrated that management does not recognize hard-working, dedicated employees by compensating them fairly. Times have changed and “career positions with benefits” are sadly taking a back-seat to high-salaried upper management. It’s called GREED. However, don’t blame the CCA’s and RCA’s! We work hard and we also have bills to pay. Perhaps, in alot of cases, management gets more than what they pay for!

  • Mr.Postman

    Blame for the increase in CCA’s goes to the stupid APWU members who voted for an increase in PSE’s in their contract and the arbitrator imposed it in the NALC contract.

  • retired too

    I believe that in your case and with most PSE, CCA, RCA employees they are indeed receiving much more than they are compensating for.

  • Retired Mailman

    But 99% of of these cases we have been seeing on these sites of mail dumping and throwing parcels at the customers front doors involve CCA’s.