USPS suspends service in much of the Northeast due to blizzard

The Postal Service has suspended delivery and retail operations in several districts- the line of impact includes facilities from the New Jersey shore all the way to Maine’s Downeast region, and includes the cities of New York City, Boston, Providence, Hartford and Portland.

The following Processing Plants have temporarily suspended operations until 4 PM Tuesday, Jan 27:

Hartford Ct 060
Southern Ct 064
Stamford Ct 068
Westchester NY 105
New York Ny 100
Queens NY 110
Brooklyn NY 112
Mid Island NY 117
Western Nassau NY 115
Boston MA 021
Brockton MA 023
Middlesex-Essex MA 018
Providence RI 028
Springfield MA 01Z and 010PM
Central MA 015

Please continue to check back for updates.

via USPS Service Alerts – Winter Storm Updates.

  • Thomas M Long Jr

    I am glad they closing for this storm. Years past, you would have been expected to work.

  • tabletman

    What about Nashua New Hampshire plant? Is it closing? Do all these places that are closed get administration pay ?

  • motive6

    No they try and trick you into using annual leave you have to make them force you out to get administration leave . We had to grieve ours last year and only some were given the administration leave, don’t believe what they tell you!

  • JY

    Call the Emergency line – 1-888-363-7462.

  • Mh

    Workers in 015 cmpdc were told today 1/30/15 – Plant manager will not pay admin – although all level 15 and higher will get 8 hours admin