Retired letter carrier, now a congresswoman, praises USPS

From USPS News Link:

Many Postal Service retirees begin new careers after leaving USPS, and Brenda Lawrence is no different — although her new job is unique.

Lawrence took office this month as U.S. House of Representatives member from Michigan’s 14th Congressional District, which includes eastern Detroit. She retired from USPS in 2008 after 30 years, including serving as a letter carrier.

“I recall the pride and the sense of responsibility in delivering the U.S. Mail,” Lawrence said in a statement last week on the House floor.

She also noted the organization’s recent successes, including delivering approximately 524 million packages in December.

“I want to take this moment to recognize and applaud the hardworking individuals who made this possible,” Lawrence said.

  • Mona Hamilton

    Congratulations Congresswoman Lawrence! Glad that USPS has an Advocate besides Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio!

  • Melody Gannaway

    Thank you!

  • Retired Postal

    Congresswoman Lawrence, please separate your praise for the hard work.Is it the EMPLOYEES or IDIOTS at the helm you are praising?? The USPS since 2008 has changed 10 fold for the worse,we are no longer a Service.

  • Bob

    She said hard working have you ever seen a hard working supervisor or managment, we all know who she is talking about!