Proposed consolidation of postmaster organizations moves forward


The proposed consolidation of NAPUS and the League of Postmasters has progressed to written submission of Chapter Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and National Bylaws for the new organization. The documents are the results of discussion, collaboration and compromise by the committee working on the consolidation. Representing NAPUS on the committee was National Secretary Treasurer, Dan Heins, from MN and retired Postmaster and National Parliamentarian John Galera, from HI. Representing the League of Postmasters was retired Postmaster, Jack Jameson, from NC and retired Postmaster, John Olson, from MN.

The new proposed organization will be incorporated as a non-profit organization and shall be known as the “Postmasters and Managers of America” (PMA).

The proposed Chapter By Law provide a template for the state chapters to use to ensure compliance with new national bylaws and consistency with between state chapters.

The proposed Articles of Incorporation define purpose of PMA, as well as new member classifications.

The proposed national Bylaws provide information on dues, Executive Boards and their duties, conventions and committees.

Extensive discussion of the proposed consolidation of the organizations will be held at our Leadership Conference in March. The vote for consolidation will be held at each organization’s national conventions to be held later this year.

  • they are crazy

    wow! someone that has it figured out like I did. They bitched about a regular getting 2 hours of OT but paid the thousands of pse to clerk craft and in Bakersfield have a PM on a detail from HI.

  • The boss

    I don’t see merging NAPUS and the League will be of any real benefit. There are very few Postmaster positions left. All the small offices are now APWU. I think all should merge with NAPS and call it Postmasters/Managers/Supervisors (PMS).

  • Ronnie Parker

    Some EAS employees will see a raise this year. EAS employees went FOUR CONSECUTIVE years without ANY pay increase.

  • postmaster

    Oh !! Upper management took care of me really well…PM for 17 I make less than a clerk lost 3 weeks of vacation and will never get another raise…ever! Napus is not a union PMs are not protected that is why they picked us off and threw us out the door like we meant nothing to them