Video: Texas man steamed after letter carrier throws package

CARROLLTON – Steve Weinstein is asking the United States Postal Service if it’s standard procedure to toss deliveries on doorsteps after an expensive package got unceremoniously dumped on his front porch.

Weinstein’s home surveillance camera caught a delivery person tossing a package several feet onto his porch Wednesday. He posted video of the incident on YouTube and is looking to the USPS for an explanation.

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  • LloydStreetMarty

    Packages should be properly prepared to withstand a drop of 6-8 feet without breakage. Most packages of that size are sorted by machinery that drops them into a pallet box for each area of the country, part of the state and then individual city. Not to mention that this package came from Japan which has its own sorting system. This package could have been dropped several times by machinery and that “toss” shouldn’t have caused the damage if it were properly prepared and labeled as fragile (which gets taken out of the mechanized mail stream)

  • fUD

    RARELY, if ever, does a package marked Fragile or any thing else get handled any differently.

  • LloydStreetMarty

    In every facility I’ve worked in for 27 years they always have been and I’ve worked in the distribution facilities and in a delivery unit. If any package marked Fragile that you received has been broken all I can do is apologize for my fellow employees.

  • HeWho SpeaksTruths

    Don’t forget to add in that when the package is sorted at the destination station, it usually is tossed 3-6 feet to the appropriate bin for the route. The USPS really needs to make a video to show how parcels are processed in REALITY. At least then these people will be able to get a life, and stop whining.

  • RouteAbolished

    The perception is clearly out there. It’s not that she was in a hurry. She is strolling along and could have taken three more steps before dropping the box. Just plain lazy!

  • IIlIIl111

    I package everything I sell to withstand a kick through the goalposts. I work at the PO and see packages get sorted every morning, by being thrown into each carrier’s bin from 5 – 20 feet !!! I will say that packages marked FRAGILE are hand carried over to the bin.

  • joe stutzman

    ho uniform on this person, either new or temp employee. good chance she got fired or suspended for a few days

  • Robert Welch

    Unbelievable! If tossing the parcel like that damaged it, then it was not packaged properly. So the mailer packaged a $4000.00 piece of electronic that could not with stand the parcel being tossed? And that is the Post Offices fault? What an a-hole this guy is. If it were me, I would be complaining to the company who sent it, not the Post Office.

  • MrPolarBear

    First….this guy is a lawyer, so yes, he’s going to be all dramatic about it. Second….the carrier isn’t in uniform, so it’s probably a newly hired CCA that is being run to death. They are being worked ten to twelve hour days, seven days a week for months. They are being worked to death, so they are tired….and it’s all Congresses fault for trying to destroy the Post Office. They are using these inexperience carriers to save money so they can pay the 2006 Congressional postal tax bill (5.5 BILLION EVERY YEAR for people congress things the post office MIGHT hire in the next 75 years. People that aren’t even born yet) In the long run, it’s these tired newbies that are making the PO look bad.

  • donny2805

    I call shenanigans. Lawyer says it was a shipment from Japan worth 4K$. Later in the article he says it was an Amazon shipment, and it looks like an Amazon box in her hands. Amazon is replacing it. That parcel was thrown a lot further and harder in sortation and shipment.

  • Mr.Postman

    Congress had nothing to do with the increase in non-career employees and the creation of the CCA to replace TE’s,that was imposed by the contract arbitrator.And as to that $5.5 billion tax burden that was put on the Postal Service to fund health care for future employees who won’t be born for years from now,that hasn’t been payed for 3 years,the Postal Service would not be able to meet payroll and expenses if Congress tried to take action to make it pay.

  • steamin

    USPS just keep hiring reject cca’s who have no respect for where their work. Disrespectful cca’s in my office stole from every regular carriers tips this past christmas while covering their ns days.

  • Cliff Clavin

    Bullsh*t! I object, your honor! It’s hearsay and speculation as to who the person in the video is employed by. It could have easily been a FedEx, UPS, or some other delivery service employee. There’s no USPS uniform or cap on the delivery person and no USPS vehicle videoed at the curb for positive identification of their employer.

    It could have been someone this lawyer paid to walk to his porch and toss the package so he could make the USPS look bad. Point is, all I see is someone I cannot say for sure is a USPS employee putting a package on his front porch.

    When I started working for the USPS in 1983, they required you to wear at least a ball cap with the USPS logo on it to identify you as a postal employee to the public during your first 90 days until you got your first uniform allotment. Shouldn’t they still be doing this?

  • retired too

    Congress did indeed have something to do with the creation of CCAs and it was related to the PAEA of 2006. The USPS argued poverty to the arbitrator who took that into account in his award.

  • Username

    “Packages should be properly prepared to withstand a drop of 6-8 feet without breakage.” That doesn’t mean that you should test it…