• RRochette

    “unpacked everything we need to know”? I know that in your second sentence, “as the USPS is going deeper into debt” has made me understand that everything else in this article may well be BS too.

  • Engineer

    Vehicle-to-Grid is at least decades out, as it would take a smart-grid to implement. USPS will not receive government subsidies for so many vehicles. The cost to install charging stations and sufficient distribution infrastructure does not seem to be included in the EV vehicle purchase cost. Comparisons of operating savings are outdated at best, considering the rapidly decreasing cost of gas. Taking into account the above disparities, and the realities of government contracting, the estimated 1% savings would probably balloon into a multi-billion dollar gaff.
    Nice try, though. Some of the factoids are interesting, and it’s well put together for a bunch of students.

  • Ryan Kuwahara

    In north central PA the power is out a lot so this wouldnt work for us

  • Richard McKeever

    Yea save the leaking, fire prone bodies, that makes a lot of sense. Bodies that have a blind side on the left, mirrors that flap in the wind that blows them all over the road. Windows that fall down on their own. Doors that have the bolts falling out of them. Heater systems that wont keep the large front windshield, not to mention the side windows defrosted. Yep lets keep the as we carriers refer to them, ” these P.O.S.

  • Corruption

    All Postal decisions are designed to loose money , create mgt bonuses, create additional mgt positions and hasten the usps collapse. If none of the above then someone is benefiting , like the congresswoman whose husband’s company is selling off Postal properties far below market value.

  • Nemso

    It would seem so, I have to agree with you. So glad I’m retiring this year, can’t take this culture of stupid and mean anymore!

  • MrPolarBear

    I just wish they include parcel racks. I was told we would have them back in the 90’s. Then it was, “Just wait, the FFV’s are coming. So I got an FFV…..no parcel racks. Now it’s…..just wait, “We’re getting new trucks”, I’ll be long retired before we get parcel racks. BTW….our new scanners were suppose to be here last August.