New sick leave plan may spotlight fed (and postal) benefits

Columnist Mike Causey warns that President Obama’s plan to extend sick leave benefits to all American workers might shine a spotlight on the more generous benefits federal and postal employees enjoy:

President Barack Obama’s proposal to give all American workers up to seven days of paid sick leave a year is mind-boggling — and welcome — to many people. Also …

It could launch a public debate over pay-pension-leave and health insurance perks offered by the government to its employees. Which in turn could make 2015 a year of job-related global warming for federal workers.

Many federal workers probably wonder what’s the fuss about giving people seven days of sick leave per year. That’s because Uncle Sam has long been ahead of his time when it comes to things like a generous leave package for workers: Like the standard federal 13-days per year of sick leave, in addition to a brand-new mandate that gives new federal parents up to six weeks of paid sick leave each year. For a look at the government package, click here.

Many people, especially in a white-collar, upper-income- dominated economy like Washington, D.C., don’t realize that many American workers don’t get any sick leave. Period.

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  • Tony

    Never, never ,never took my benefits for granted while employed by the Postal Service! It was the final frontier for the working class! Once, gone it will never be replaced! Unfortunately, the same can not be said for all Postal employees! Thank You Postal Service!

  • John

    Did the postal Service do this out of the kindness of there heart or did your union bargain for this benefit?

  • nycarrier

    What this poorly-researched ‘article’ fails to mention, and what very few people in the private sector understand, is that federal sick leave is the ONLY thing a federal employee has to fall back on in the event of a non-work related disability. Private sector employees are covered by state disability insurance (for which they pay a small amount with the employer making up the rest). Once a federal employee exhausts their sick leave (and any saved annual leave, which covers vacations and other time off – federal employees receive no bereavement pay, either, if they are paid for taking time off, they have less to use for vacation) the employee has no income if they are disabled outside of their employment. Federal benefits SOUND great, but once you know all the facts, they aren’t what they seem.

  • Tony

    If it were not for the great Postal Unions and the Pioneers who put it all on the line for the rest of us back in 1970, of course none of the benefits enjoyed would be possible! I certainly did not intend to slight any of the Postal Unions! But with that being said, there are still too many folks to this day that take what they have for granted!

  • Beleg

    All Federal employees get 13 days Sick Leave, not just postal employees. I doubt postal unions had anything to do with it, but they’ll probably be glad to take credit for it.

  • frank

    It was arbitrated. The USPS does nothing out of the kindness of their hearts. NOTHING!

  • Nemso

    When postal employees retire, they have to pay for all of their health benefits. That’s why I am constantly confused about the PAEA requirement to prefund retirees’ health benefits!