Video: Thieves waiting for packages left on your doorstep

A homeowner’s surveillance camera is recording from the front porch as the family waited for a package to be delivered. The effort pays off because the camera captures a suspect approaching the house. Another angle shows the man sitting on the ground to open the package, and then quickly leaving.

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"Any package is fair game for them," warned U.S. Postal Inspector Ketty Larco. "They will take whatever they find and they will open it up at their own convenience. Some of them will open up the packages right there or around the corner will discard the items they are not interested in."

via Thieves waiting for packages left on your doorstep | News – Home.

  • RouteAbolished

    Instead of publicizing how the crooks operate, they should document the police following the crooks and arresting them on the spot and the severe penalties that were metered out. When the only punishment is probation these crimes will continue to proliferate.

  • Cliff Clavin

    Looks like carriers need to stock up on 3849s for the day. Haul packages out, notify the customer, and haul ’em all back at the end of the day. Customer goes to the PO to get their package.

    Now, that’s security. Much better than UPS or FedEx.

  • Marshall Dylan

    You talk like you think these people are making a rational decision to steal based on logic. “Hmmm- if I get caught, I’ll be sentenced to probation, so that’s like not getting punished at all- guess I’ll go steal some packages! Of course, I’d never do it if I thought I’d be sentenced to prison!”

    That’s nonsense. People who commit crimes like this do it because they don’t think they’ll get caught! Send ’em to prison, cut their hands off, whatever, people will still steal.

    If having a criminal record for the rest of your life, and knowing you’ll never get a decent job as a result of it isn’t enough to stop you, neither is a few months in prison. Ranting about tougher sentences may make you feel better, biut in the long run, all it does is cost taxpayers money, and make private prison operators wealthy.