Video: ​The ageless allure of stamp collecting

No true philatelist would pass up an 1860s stamped Pony Express envelope, now valued at as much as $50,000. No wonder Rita Braver can find dedicated stamp collectors in all sorts of places:

Captain David Robinson not only loves piloting his tour boat down the waterways of Richmond. He also loves all things Virginia — especially his stamps.

“I have some stamps here from the Confederacy,” he said, showing off the first Confederate stamp with Jefferson Davis’ picture on it.

He first started collecting at the age of 10. And what made him stick with it?

“Girls,” he laughed. “I realized that I could make money buying and selling stamps. And the having of money translated into the geeky kid being able to get the girl.”

via ​The ageless allure of stamp collecting – CBS News.

  • Barry Moss

    A very nicely done segment.