Video: Philadelphia business owner feels let down by USPS EDDM mailing


A small business owner is trying to hang on. He’s had to cut an employee’s hours and is now hustling for every dime after an attempt to boost his business fails miserably.

He says the U.S. Postal Service let him down. FOX 29 Investigates’ Jeff Cole has been working the story.

Jerrell Love is proud of the heating oil and HVAC company he has built from the ground up. The hands-on owner employs three drivers, a service tech and an office manager.

As the cold weather approached, Love wanted to drum up some new business.

Rather than hire people to walk door-to-door, like he used to do with strong results, Jerrell aimed for wider reach by showing some love to the U. S. Postal Service.

A friend suggested trying Every Door Direct Mail, a service that the struggling postal service – now billions of dollars in debt – started in 2011 to fight off competitors.

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  • IIlIIl111

    According to the story, it was the circulars from ONE ROUTE ONLY…….not the whole mailing, that Fox would lead you to believe. I think he is milking it to try and get some money. Laying people off, losing business and money all from ONE deliver route ??? (that actually got delivery the NEXT DAY) Fishy story

  • RouteAbolished

    I delivered an open route where this floater had delivered the day before. I found about 20 pieces of good mail stuffed in the outgoing box of 3 NBU’s. That dirt bag died over the weekend, and the union president was praising how great a person he was.