Donahoe: ‘Stop Staples’ Campaign is Taking a Toll

From the American Postal Workers Union:

01/16/2015 – Outgoing Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe made headlines when he blamed postal unions and big mailers for the Postal Service’s problems in a recent farewell address, but he made a few other surprising comments as well.

In a speech to the National Press Club on Jan. 6, Donahoe admitted that the union’s Stop Staples campaign has “disrupted” the Postal Service’s deal with the office-supply chain. It has also made it more difficult for the USPS to get other businesses to participate in management’s scheme to privatize postal retail operations, he said.

“Just last year the American Postal Workers Union mounted a protest campaign and disrupted our partnership with Staples,” the Postmaster General said. “Unfortunately, it’s now tougher for us to find retail partners,” he added.

“This shows the effectiveness of the Stop Staples campaign,” APWU President Mark Dimondstein said. “When you’re out there telling your co-workers, friends and neighbors not to shop at Staples, you’re making a difference. When you pass out flyers at Staples stores and ask their customers to shop elsewhere, you’re protecting living-wage, union jobs, and you’re protecting the public Postal Service.”

Wrong Again

In the speech to reporters, Donahoe mischaracterized the union’s position, saying “the APWU approach is to try to keep all of our transactions in post offices.”

Not true. The union would have considered supporting the pilot if the Staples postal counters were staffed with USPS employees. As the APWU reported  just after President Mark Dimondstein took office in 2013, “In a meeting with Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe on Nov. 20, the union president insisted that if the plan proceeds, the postal units at Staples must be staffed by career postal employees.”

Dimondstein added, “The APWU supports the expansion of postal services. However, we are adamantly opposed to USPS plans to replace good-paying union jobs with non-union, low-wage jobs held by workers who have no accountability for the safety and security of the mail.”

As secret USPS documents later revealed, that was the management’s true motive: To replace Postal Service retail associates with low-wage Staples employees.

“We’re going to continue to fight the Postal Service’s dirty deal with Staples until they get out of the postal business,” Dimondstein said.

via Donahoe: ‘Stop Staples’ Campaign is Taking a Toll | APWU.

  • Fight or be unemployed

    Thanks again to the Apwu and Mark Dimonstein. Many comment how Donahoe is the worst pmg ever and should be removed. He was never in danger of removal. He was doing the political agenda he was placed there to do. Dismantle , privatize and aid in the collapse of the USPS in behalf of many politicians and the business mail community who want a non union,low pay , no retirement , low/no benefit workforce so their huge profits and more continue. It’s time union members support their union and stand up.

  • Bat boy

    Yes I agree. Likely the new PMG will be briefed and instructed on what the planned agenda is for the Postal Service though I’m sure she already knows and is on board. She may sell it a slightly different way but the downsizing and attempting to reduce the clerk craft will continue . She may try to gain our confidence at first, don’t get sucked in. Does anyone believe anything coming from the USPS ? They have little credability with their employees or the public.

  • Bo Knows

    The remaining BOG members who immediately appointed his sidekick,Megan Brennan when he filed his retirement papers without searching inside and outside the Postal Service have spoken loud and clear,keep the sell off to privatization rolling.

  • postalworker1

    Tuff year for Contract negotiations,after 27+ yrs the next couple are crucial for the solvency of the USPS and its Workforce!

  • Postal Pete

    The Postal Service is operating at a profit and Dimondstein will not sign off on a new CBA that has Guffey’s giveaways and more giveback’s that management will demand so management will not negotiate with the APWU and it will no doubt go to an arbitrator to decide the terms of the next contract where they can’t fool the arbitrator like they did Guffey.