Video: Fayetteville postal workers protest downtown facility closure


Marching through a downpour, about 30 postal workers made their way from the Airborne Special Operations Museum to the Green Street Post Office Monday morning.

They didn’t mind the rain because 400 good paying, local jobs are at stake, they said.

"U.S. Mail is not for sale," the protesters chanted, their shoes splashing through puddles along Hay Street.

The group is protesting the pending closure of the Green Street facility, a major hub for mail in southeastern North Carolina that processed 709 million pieces of mail last fiscal year. The closing, slated for this spring, is a part of the latest phase of the Postal Reorganization Act, which consolidates facilities in a federal cost-cutting effort that began in 2006. Four hundred jobs would be lost from Fayetteville’s main post office, and union leaders said Monday to expect a major change in the way you get your mail.

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  • Customer

    So what if there is different way you get your mail. Change is good.

  • MrPolarBear

    If getting your mail is going to take even one day longer than the change is not good. This is the Postal SERVICE. When you lower the standard of service that is not good change. Funny thing. They invested billions into automation so the mail can get to you faster. Now they want to slow things down. Sometimes Change is not good. Ever heard the saying If it’s not broke, don’t fix it ?