APWU: New MOU to Create Hundreds of Career Jobs in Level 4 POStPlan Offices

From the American Postal Workers Union:

apwulogo01/12/2015An addendum to the Sept. 22, 2013, POStPLAN Memorandum of Understanding will place a number of career jobs into Level 4 post offices, which otherwise would have been staffed exclusively with Postal Support Employees (PSEs). The offices in question are open four hours per day.

The specific numbers and offices have not yet been identified, APWU President Mark Dimondstein said in announcing the Dec. 31, 2014, agreement, but identification is expected to take place within the next 30 days.

For more on the POStPlan, click here.

  • Rick

    Could you please just stop. What ever happened to full time clerk jobs. Apwu has destroyed the clerk craft. NTFT, PSE, PSE4, PSE8, how many different ways can you screw over hard working people. Career is 40 hrs. Let me repeat that. Career is 40 hrs. Quit trying to increase enrollment and maybe try to represent the people you still have.

  • jay

    I suggest you read up a little more on what has been going on the last few years. Do you know what an arbitrator is? Do you know what it means when an arbitrator makes a decision? Did you know the arbitrators decision was to only staff 4hr offices with PSEs? Not PTFs. The fact that some will be newly created PTFs is the result of your union fighting for more career positions.
    If you can do the math, 4hrs daily x 6 days per week is 24 hours.
    Do you suggest the USPS pay someone 40 hours for 24 hours of work?
    What planet are you living on?

  • Hector Cordon

    Who created “24 hours of work”? The damn post office, that’s who. And all the postal unions collaborate with this BS. And the gratuitous insults are totally unnecessary!

  • postalworker1

    Part Time is No GOOD



  • guest

    So if you were paying someone to mow your lawn and it took 4 hours, you will be paying them 8 hours? Correct?

  • Hector Cordon

    You have the numbers correct, 8 and 4, but their relationship reversed. We work 8 hours and get paid for four. Since 2009 productivity has zoomed 7 percent for a total of nearly 25 percent more work per postal employee since 1972. Meanwhile, since 2012, USPS operating expenses have dropped by $7.8 billion. Source: USPS report to Congress for fiscal year 2014.

  • Jose santavol

    You have Postal Union Math down to a T!!!that is how the Postal Service has been screwed for so many years. all we have left in the system is to be able to hire and work Part time help…because of the Postal Union Math. Jay these people live on the Postal Union suck it all dry from the Postal Service. The contracts read 8 hours pay for 8 hours work!!!????? Does not happen anywhere with those people. Let me be ther 8 hours but I can only work 2 to 3. I did it to them again is their mantra….and it is all union endorsed. So their $600 in dues is well worth it….OMG!!!!!

  • guest

    Hey Pat! You reading this? How about you Megan…..you reading this? You cut service to thousands of small towns in the name of saving money. You upgraded offices to level 18;s to supervise these new small post offices. Large offices now earn supervisors they didn’t have previously. Mail arrives at midmorning or later and is dispatched right after lunch. You have screwed the customers in small towns to save a buck. But if you had read the APWU contract you would have realized you weren’t going to save any money. But at least you cut workhours to match workload!!

  • Rick

    A. APWU is not my union.
    B. I was a steward and branch president so I’m pretty sure I have more time in front of an arbitrator than you have.
    C. Yes I do suggest the USPS pay 40 hrs for post plan offices.
    D. Wow, 24 whole hrs a week, besides most post plan offices are only open 2 hrs on sat. So that would be 22 hrs., no insurance, retirement, sick leave or career path. Disgusting when people expect everybody else’s to accept what they wouldn’t.