Video: Houston USPS workers not getting paid on time


Houston post office employees say they are not getting paid on time. It’s happening at a Houston mail processing facility that has been the center of customer complaints about slow mail delivery.

Employees we spoke with say they have not been paid on time. At least one worker is still waiting for her check.

"When Tuesday came, the day that I get paid, it said zero, zero," employee Brittany Moore said.

Moore says her last pay check from the US Post Office did not arrive on time and she still does not have the money in her account days later. Moore says it’s making life very difficult.

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  • harry palmer

    I retired over ten years ago and even then all employees were being pressured to have Direct Deposit for their pay. So, IMHO, the few holdouts who refuse to enter the 21st century deserve it.

    I do remember a few times the ’80s when trays full of USPS paychecks were delivered to the wrong stations. Cash advances were available to those affected, and the checks arrived within a few days anyway.

    Then again, I remember that the 90-day casuals (dunno what the equivalent are called these days, don’t care.) were routinely screwed on their last paycheck or two, and having turned in their IDs had no way to enter the facility to straighten things out. Is THAT what this is?

  • Blue man

    I have NEVER in 25 years at the USPS known of anyone getting paid on a “Tuesday” – ALWAYS on Friday – ALWAYS