Video: 82-year-old Lansing postman retires

If they had asked Mr. Dawson, he probably would have said no.

No cake. No cameras. No pomp and circumstance.

But when someone retires after almost 60 years, he deserves a show of gratitude.

The crew of the United States Postal Service in South Lansing bid farewell Friday morning to mail carrier Richard Dawson in a short ceremony at the Express Court facility off Holmes Road.

Dawson has been delivering Lansing’s mail since before most of his co-workers were even born but has finally decided that 82 is a decent retirement age.

via 82-year-old Lansing postman retires.

  • Neil David Jurman

    60 years wow most people would be happy with 30 years.

  • Retired USPS ET

    Congratulations Richard…enjoy!