Pat Donahoe blames USPS problems on customers and employees

In his farewell speech at the National Press Club yesterday, the Postmaster General suggested that the USPS would much better off if it weren’t for two troublesome groups of people: his customers, and his employees.

From the Washington Post:

He described business interests that use the mail, from banks and credit card companies to direct-mail advertisers, as excessively focused on limiting price increases –even as the lack of broad legislation from Congress puts more pressure on postal officials to raise mailing prices. And he accused unions of singlemindedly fighting to preserve jobs and benefits with too little flexibility.

“Most young people aren’t looking for a single employer over the course of their careers,” Donahoe said, describing a new generation of American postal workers that enjoys fewer benefits. “In today’s world, does it really make sense to offer the promise of a government pension to a 22-year-old who is just entering the workforce? And how reliable is that promise?”

So said Pat Donahoe, who has an extremely reliable (and generous) pension, and has worked for “a single employer over the course of his career”.

The PMG seems to be miffed that his customers would like lower prices, and his employees would like decent jobs.

Read more: Postmaster general takes parting shot at unions, mailers – The Washington Post.

  • Fast Eddie

    The only thing the Postal Service hates worse than it’s customers … are it’s employees. And now you have heard it straight form the head idiot’s mouth

  • bitten carrier

    So whats he blaming employees for? We have been treated worse than dirt. How many of us can do a job, you do up to 6 days a week. Postal Mismanagement messes with everything. He’s probably crying since his retirement is not enough. Look at the non-career PSE’s that are now hired. Limited pay and benefits. People work to have pay and benefits to support their family. (rant over).

  • Mailman030

    I have always believed that what the USPS wanted most out of its employees is a 10-15 year career, and it seems like the PMG has confirmed my belief. Management wants people to start working here when they are in their early to mid 20s and work until they are in their late 30s or early 40s. At this point, the employee has topped out in pay and benefits and is starting to use their health insurance more, raising the cost to insurers which raises the cost to the employer. After a 15 year career delivering the mail, most carriers are suffering chronic illnesses that will be with them for the rest of their lives. These illnesses are usually covered under workers’ compensation as they were caused by the job and as a Federal employer, the USPS bears all of the cost of the medical treatment and wages for time away from work. If they can make the work atmosphere so toxic or if they can degrade the stability of the job to the point that a large number of employees leave the company before they incur these costs, then the USPS will save millions of dollars per year and they will count this as a positive for the company. Unless of course upper management can convince these younger employees to become supervisors, then they are welcome to stay for a 40 year career like the outgoing PMG, as the only essential employees to the Postal Service are in management.

  • retired too

    i think his statements identify where a good part part of postal problems lie; that’d be with him.

  • Reverend Big T

    Donahoe is such an incompetent douchebag it is right up to participate for him to blame others for his Stupidity. He, along with the previous PG have almost totally destroyed the USPS. He has created an atmosphere where customer service means absolutely nothing and making it impossible for employees to provide good service.

    If he were an honorable man, he would return the big bonus he gets for leaving, and return all his salary for the years he was here because he earned nothing.

  • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadooh

    How does a newer generation of postal workers enjoyer fewer benefits (as per the negotiated contracts) reconcile with the claim that the unions are being too inflexible?

  • Getstraight

    What a scumbag!

  • Marcus1956

    Completely self absorbed Idiot.

  • sLiM_mC_sHaDy

    Donahoe IS the POS – piece of sh%t – in POStplan

  • James Martin

    The government organizations should lead by example … for some reason a stable job with decent pay is somehow wrong? Lower pay means more people using other government resources to survive….makes little sense

  • Louise

    I started with the USPS at age 18 and mostly the only thing that I kept my eye on was the promise of a government pension. I put in almost 37 years. This guy is crazy. Most people would fight for a government job with benefits. Who is he kidding?

  • Paulette

    He’s a completely under qualified asshole! Hasn’t been good for the postal service since the day he started. In his retirement I hope that he finds some sort of reassurance that he has accomplished something in his lifetime. It sure wasn’t accomplished under the roof of the postal service! Any long term employee will tell you that!! You will not be missed PATRICK!

  • AdamBomb8

    If Donut Hole wants to assign blame he need only look in two places: Capitol Hill and his own mirror.

  • mike rozzo

    young people enjoy no benefits is this guys
    insaine or is he now smoking something ?

  • IIlIIl111

    So said the next CEO of Walmart

  • Obe Wan

    Lower pay equals high turnover and more instances of theft by these employees.Can’t wait to see Donahopeless fairwell video…sigh.

  • Disgruntled Clerk

    It was one union contract,negotiated by Guffey and the Donahoe stooges at the APWUseless,that gave away the hard fought for benefits won 40 years ago and this creep had the audacity to go before Issa’s committee and ask that Congress void their sweetheart CBA with the APWU and allow him to layoff career employees and keep casuals.

  • Packer Pete

    So is Scott Walker,Paul Ryan and Darrell Issa.

  • Working hard everyday

    Good riddance. Can someone please assure me that Megan will be better and not a clone?

  • Mail Slug

    So,Donawhore says a 22 year old entering the Postal Service shouldn’t be entitled to a pension if he or she stays for 30 or 40 years? What a putz! this from a man who has been employed by the USPS for his entire adult working life for 40 years? so,if that 22 year old goes into the already bloated EAS ranks that he didn’t bother to “rightsize”should be entitled to a pension?

  • wkrejci1 .

    “Donahoe Blames CUSTOMERS and EMPLOYEES” well that pretty much sums it up doesn’t it! Everyone in the Universe except himself! What hubris, what an ego! Obviously he doesn’t consider “himself” an employee. Oh no! Not when he’s pointing that finger at everyone else.

  • Edward D Jankauskas

    Sounds like sour grapes. He’s the one that left.



  • Edward D Jankauskas

    Didn’t he always state to the employees that they were “doing a good Job” and “keep it Up”?

  • Edward D Jankauskas

    The Stooges

  • Retired Mail Handler

    First, I wish the PMG a happy retirement and best wishes. Many comments came before mine; nevertheless, I’ll give my take. He had a meteoric rise comparable to a private attaining the rank of a four-star in the military. He attained his graduate degree and undergraduate degrees while working for the USPS. He is certainly one who believes in education. His income and pensin? Big-Big by government standards; but, chump change by business-world statndards. Mr. Donahoe apparently did not sugar coat his presentation and told the audience what he really believes–not necessarily what people want to hear. Was that prudent? Hard to say; but, honesty can vex and hurt. I hope the best for Mr. Donahoe, the new PMG, the USPS, and its employees. Happy New Year!

  • Steve Rodocker

    I’m a retired letter carrier and a republican. I was asked by a staffer of Rep.David McKinley (R, WV1) where should we look at improving the postal service? My answer was to take a serious look at postal management, not at the offices that have 10 to 20 carriers but at the larger offices and their bosses. I started the same time that Donahue did and the senior management since about 1990 has done it’s best to change it from postal “service” to postal “service you’ve got to be kidding”. God help the carrier or clerk that goes out of their way to help a customer. Senior management gives good lip service to working with the people that really do the job that’s about all . NufSaid.

  • Mr.Postman

    How about those “deferred achievement bonus’s” he set up for himself on retirement that the BOG allowed? take those away from him,since he did nothing to earn them!

  • Real Mail Handler

    If you are really a retired mail handler,then you are a big time management kiss ass.And for him to be able to attain those degrees, he had to be allowed paid time off to pursue those degrees.If Donablow thought he was such a great executive and should be making several million then nothing stopped him from going to a private company and going for it.

  • Tony

    The truth hurts! Unfortunately, the PMG’S comments affect all employees and that simply is not fair! As we have been told over and over you spend 90% of your time dealing with 10% of the people! He was without a doubt the worst PMG The Postal Service has ever had!

  • Retired USPS ET

    Wow, really!?! During my postal career I’ve bumped shoulders with many who’ve risen to the top echelons and, while not all are intrinsically evil or stupid, NONE were anywhere near qualified for the seats they occupied. My take is that the last thing an incompetent boob wants to do is to mentor or take on an underling that would outshine (and expose) their own frail abilities.

    The value of this PMG and his cronies vis-a-vis private industry is in the ability to be able to plunder the castle jewels and pander themselves for future gain.

    Good riddance!

  • tariq

    Yes people want and need a pension that is the promise of long term employment knowing that you can one day leave your job and don’t have to worry about how you will take care of your friendsthey want you to work for nothing

  • Troy

    Blame the people who do the work and the people who purchase your product. Good idea, bet he didn’t have any plans of reducing his pension or health care, cause hes special.

  • brett

    This Donahoe is garbage to most postal workers. He does not complain when he cashes his pay checks, does he? When he goes on vacation or gets his bonuses there is no complaints. Yet he gets all this and much more on the backs of his workers who actually is the post office, not him. Hope he rots in retirement and takes all of hie garbage with him.

  • frank dreven

    I think this CEO may have ran a multi billion dollar company to the ground. I bet any CEO from any place in the USA could do by far a better job.

  • Lisa Deutch Kashinsky

    Micro-phallac Moron…Period. Short sighted

  • Dindo Nuffins

    Megan is actually the Donuthole in drag. They both have the same number of chins.

  • laid off mail carrier and happ

    What douche bag…people first entering the company as letter carrier are treated like complete fucking trash. We don’t deserve a pension because we won’t stay? I had every intention on staying and retiring but the constant belittling and being forces to work 7 days a week including holidays gets to you. When I was laid off it was the largest weight off my shoulders but a huge kick to the nuts because I wasted my time in a company I wanted to retire from.

  • Retired 40 year carrier

    What a real piece of sh-t you are Pat, always have been and always will be. You did not get your way so you took your ball and are now going home. While you are sitting around doing nothing you can think of ways to screw your family after all they are customers also.

  • texasmailman

    Moron…… So glad your gone. I just pray your successor is not just as dangerous.

  • lame duck

    I am 57 years old all I want is my retirement back, back pay and all premiums due for my USPS career since March 25, 1989. My shoulder, back and knees are no longer able to do repetitive work any longer. I was a carrier for 10 weeks. Within 6 weeks I was disciplined for missing scans yet I cleared all scans before the day was over. I was given a 7 day from a official discussion. The 14 day was thrown out after I was removed on “trumped up charges” by an unrighteous postmaster who went through a five year 204B who thought she was going to make supervisor. He “threatened me” during the second EEO mediation in 2009. . He lied, embellished lies, used false made up statements used two mentally challenged contracted USPS personel to get rid of me once and for all. Due to the allegations were all hearsay evidence, no facts, no facts to back up his claims. He failed to discipline his employees. He failed to properly train his employees. He destroyed my integrity, credibility and my character. I just don’t understand why? and I never will.

  • Lame Duck

    Anthony Frank was a great PMG…..

  • Disgruntled

    I was set up… Pulled over by inspectors… Accused of stealing… And the items they said I stole were still in my postal truck…. My PM didn’t like me and was out to get me fired anyway possible.. He succeeded.. And the charges were dropped by the police dept. because they thought it was stupid and ridiculous… I was the hardest working employee they had… I would set up 4 routes a day.. Then break them up for other carriers to take out that would take me up until 12noon… Then I would have to still sort my route.. Pull down and deliver.. I would get out of the office maybe around 1-1:30 pm every day… And I would STILL be back before those that did just their route… Yet I would get written up and given suspensions for always being the last out of the office… But yet sort 4 routes and break them down for other carriers to take out.. Complete bullshit! 204B’s, supervisors on up… Don’t give a crap about the employees that do the work…. Especially the hard working employees…they get abused the worst…

  • Disgruntled

    This system was set up for failure… The higher ups…are Doing everything possible to ruin the postal service…

  • Disgusted

    Postal service is the only company I know.. That work harder to try to get you to quit or fire you…. They have no clue about customer service and the proper way to do things!!! There are MANY WAYS TO increase business… And increase employee safety out on delivery!! Let them use backers or fronters… DPS IS so stupid…. Let guys/girls put everything in… The time you use in the office you make up out on the street…. It helps with safety and not having to thumb mail … You just go the the backer or the fronter… Carriers would get back sooner… And able to help with other deliveries… No, they would rather you get out of the office ASAP deliver and get back… Even if it means leaving mail… And it’s funny… Supervisors hide mail… AND MANY TIMES MY SUPERVISORS WOUKD ASK ME TO TAKE BUNDLES OF FIRST CLASS MAIL OUT ON THE ROAD WOTH ME.. AND THEN THROW IT IN THE MIS SORTS WHEN I GET BACK TO OFFICE… AND THEN THE OTHER THING THEY’D DO…. IF WE GOT BACK TO THE OFFICE IN OVERTIME… THEY WOULD YELL NOT TO SWIPE OUR CARDS YET!!!! Then they would come over and make us do a Manual time swipe… Example….. We were supposed to be back in the office by 4:00pm… But got back around 5:15pm…. They would tell us swipe back in to office from street at 16:00(4:00pm)

  • Disgusted

    I have a lot of bullshit the supervisors would do to save time to look good…

  • bob

    the post office is so management over heavy it is ridiculous there is no company in the world that would ever have 5 mdo at one place is the post office is ever serious about saving moneythey would simply look at how they are somanagement heavybut the funny thing about that ismanagement will never let Congress into those books. No company in the world would operate like that. To many cheifs and not enough indans!!!!!! That’s what is funny about him saying what he said blame it on everything but being so over staffed with all of management Hugh salaries. The first thing any smart company that could truely see the post office books would gut all those big salaries by 30 to 40%!!! that is what is so funny about what he says blames everything but that lol

  • Guest

    Gee Bob, you must have been an English major.

  • Pmwifey

    To all unhappy and disgruntled postal employees:
    Just shut up and do your damn job, or quit. Generally speaking, management will leave you alone if you’re not a blood sucking, union crazy, OT abusing douche. Who cares what Donahue said? He’s gone now. He reformed the post office for the better. You should tell him thank you! All you 30 year retirees and Union babies didn’t get affected by the new $15/hour cca premium. Why you crying? Call EAP and get your lives together! I worked for usps for 7 years. I started as a PMR, then to a full time city carrier. Quit a couple of years ago. Now married to an MPOO so I understand both sides. 😉


    I see PMwifey appears to be the only disgruntled one– I think you need to up your meds witchie poo

  • Dho

    7 years?? Seriously? There are carriers that have spent more time than that in the bathroom! And now you’re a PM’s husband. Management is the reason for the USPS’s problems. Because none of them have the balls to tell their boss that all of these new implementations are a bunch of crap. If you’ve only worked there for seven years and now have your lips firmly attached to pmwifey, then the best thing for you is just to shut up. One more question….what years were you in the military serving in a forward area??

  • jerry

    how do they let misfits get to such a position of power

  • jack mehoff

    Clearly you did a fine service but did you wear knee pads. So you didn’t injure those knees.


    Actually many do and unfortunately they have to file 6 EEOC charges for the retaliation and the hostile work environments and end up out of their careers because of the sociopaths that we call management at the USPS. Donahoe was ignorant and puppet like in his management style- He literally sent the USPS into a spiral and SHAME on Congress for their lack of integrity by not reformulating the pre-fund to make it affordable. This is a direct attack and IMPLOSION and Donahoe was front and center. What needs to be done now is a clean slate– take the uppers OUT and start fresh. Ask for at a minimum the reformulation of the percentages on the retiree pre-fund and stop the FAKE financial crisis.

  • po

    I always wondered if the PMG ever looks at these blogs? If he did, he would get a real sense of what his employees think of him. I honestly feel someone must have told the PMG to leave. How can someone run the largest Postal Service in the world and blame the customer for wanting to keep prices low and to also blame employees for wanting to have a good job with good benefits. In my decades of employemet with the Postal Service. I can say that it is the double standards that are causing most of the problems with the postal service. One of the best examples; is that the PMG admits he has had a 40 year career with the postal service. He will receive an over inflated benefit package, but doesn’t think anyone else deserves to make a career out of the Postal Service. He has turned the clock back on the postal service. He’s been the most distructive PMG we have ever had.

  • MarkVegas

    your full of crap ! I’ve worked for the USPS for 30 yrs and it has gone down hill big time. The Postmasters are as smart as a rock. You must be brain washed go back on the street and see the reality. I turned down management jobs b/c of their bosses ..You should be put back on the streets with your husband and work in the 30-50 degree ( below zero with wind chill ) for 6 days straight for a month. I can see how you think and your husband thinks. And as far as a PMG what gives them the right to make more than the President of OUR COUNTRY ? Idiots are running ti Post Office and that’s just part of what is ruining our Post Office. Then they hire someone at lower wages I see them quit , come in late don’t show up Its all nuts.

  • tjcuda

    Correction. Any one, period, could have done a far better job.

  • Scott, SSA Xtraordinaire

    Ohhh, another 7 year wonder, married to a District manager, how impressive. why did you quit, when you could have “worked” your way up to District, especially with the extreme amount of knowledge you built up as a big time PMR? I have been in the PO for 37 years, and have seen alot of losers start and go into management, as they could not do the work of the craft. Usually, they latch onto someone in a supervisory position, and the next thing you know, they are a 204B or higher. Postal management has always been abusive to the employees, but it is worse nowadays, as the managers in the past actually knew their jobs, as they came up through the ranks. Today’s managers lack that postal experience, and only know numbers, numbers, and numbers. It is sad to see how the place has fallen apart, mostly since the early 90’s, when automation and numbers became the misguided focus, not service, which is what we are supposed to be all about.

  • Joseph Marinaro

    You get promoted to your level of incompetence.

  • Wayne stevens

    You dont understand both sides but we can agree to disagree. The Unions are looking out for all employees present and future yes the future because all workers deserve to have a safe job in a non hostile environment a job they can take pride in and a Career that is respectable. The hypocrites see one postal worker not working to the standards of management and all of a sudden all postal workers are useless. Thats not how an employee desrves to be treated especially by an impractical and judgemental unqualified boss. A boss that in my experience became a boss so they wouldnt have to work the Mail
    Sincerely Wayne Stevens NPMHU shop steward

  • Mr.Postman

    Dumbahoe will not be sitting around crying about Congress not passing a bill that screws the workers,he was bought off by Pitney-Bowes and will be rewarded with a high paid,do nothing executive position,bet the house on it.

  • ET Ed

    Yet that is exactly what Donablow did with Ms.Brennan,who was a carrier for all of 1 year for 20 years and now we have his protoge’ in the PMG chair who will no doubt continue on with his destructive policies.

  • Jim

    Mr. Donahoe you have complimented us on numerous occasions that we as postal employees are doing a great job. Now you are implying otherwise. Which is it?
    Does it really make sense to offer a government pension and benefits to Senators and Congressman after just one term in office but we do. What is the difference Mr. Donahoe? We have to work a lot longer and still are threatened by the possible elimination of our pension do they? I believe America is also in debt is that not correct? Again, what is the difference?

  • standtallall

    What a Bugs would say! This political hack has sold his soul and probably didn’t get enough. Workers want security and if the job offers that there is no reason to bounce from job to job. If young people found this job acceptable, there is no reason for them not to stay. Unfortunately, your management corps lacks the basic people skills and attempts to harass and intimidate the workers into doing 9 hrs of work in 8. His remark about the union trying to save jobs is insulting and a twisted truth. We are looking to have enough routes to provide 8 hour days for each carrier. While management cuts the number of routes, the same amount of work still exists but carriers are forced to work longer days. The influx of the parcels from Amazon and Fed Ex and UPS has added to our workday and instead of helping us deal with this great opportunity, you have your management do everything they can to make the lives of the carriers miserable. We care about our patrons and they hold us in high esteem. I can assure you that I will never hold you in high esteem. Your tenure has been anything but fruitful for the USPS and our patrons.

  • Al Moran

    He’s got to be a flaming Republican. Why shouldn’t a young person work for the same company their whole working life? Good riddance to bad rubbish!!

  • mlcarter815

    I don’t know about mail carriers, but in my industry, technology, we hop between jobs every few years.

  • FedUp

    Pat Pat Pat once again it’s everyone else’s fault. The problem Pat is that we have people like you running the Postal Service into the ground. You and Potter stayed in office only long enough to get your GOLDEN PARACHUTE pension. Management has NO clue as to what it takes to be a Letter Carrier. From every Post Master on up should carry mail for one month every year. You and all the other morons in manage would be carried out on stretchers. That’s if you don’t suffer a massive heart attack while trying to do our job. We are not the problem. The customers are not the problem. You have pretty much eliminated customer service. Mail delivery is so sporadic. One day they get their mail delivery at 11am and the next its 6pm. Then when they call to complain they get an incompetent nasty arrogant supervisor who gives an answer that mail has no set time for delivery. Pat it’s not the craft employees or the customers. It’s incompetent arrogant cocky jerks in upper management. Do us a favor, just leave. You are and have been an embarrassment to the service and public since you and took over. You damaged the service beyond repair.

  • not living the dream

    He should have to work as a letter carrier for the rest of the year – 6 days a week from 7 AM to 6 PM on a heavy park and loop route – be screamed at daily for not making the “numbers” – $10,000 should be deducted daily for not making the “numbers” from his golden retirement until at the end of the year he owes the USPS yearly for what he has done to the USPS, our customers, and the hard working dedicated craft employees.

  • jessica

    I agree! Or even a mail handler in a plant like myself!

  • markia

    I am a clerk in Columbia md. And our job is completely under paid…….I have been with the post office for 8 months and I am totally looking for another job simply because we are over worked and under paid. I am what they call a PSE which basically means we have to do all the work the old timers can’t or don’t want to do…..We work 7days a week no day off and we only gain annual leave. 4 hours every pay period so 8 hours a month……The clerks are the hart of the post office. We separate the letters, magazines, and sort all packages……We make sure the CARRIERS are ready to hit the street in a timely manner. It’s unfair that they can work us like that and not give us benefits. When I interviewed for the job I was so excited to get a federal government job but now I am upset I did it…..Donahoe has lost his mind to blame anyone but him self…….The workers are keeping the post office running and the customer are the reason their is revenue for his pockets. …

  • Retired USPS ET

    Fair enough. As a “free agent”, salaries and other perks often suffice to offset long-term employment security and, save for non-compete clauses, one is free to “shop” their talents. However, many industries are more prosperous when encouraging lower turnover.

    During my postal career (ET/Systems) the USPS benefitted from the many years of training and experience my ilk garnered along the way (we jokingly referred to this as… ahem… Special Highly Intensive Training … you do the acronym!) It would have been very difficult, if not impossible to otherwise secure in-house qualified personnel to install and maintain such a wide array of complex systems.

    In their own ways, clerks, carriers, mail handlers, etal are all very important cogs in the machinery that keeps the USPS running smoothly (yes… it does run quite well; it’s the upper echelons that need a reboot). The best way for this model to succeed is not with low-paying no-benefit McJobs, but with dedicated career employees who are properly remunerated.

    My (overpriced?) 2¢

  • daddybear67

    Seriously? For the better? There are so many holes in that argument that I don’t even know where to start. Seven years? I’m going on 20. Won’t even consider going into supervision from what I’ve seen and experienced as a carrier. EAP? Good idea if the avalanche of insane ideas being shoved at us would stop. I’ve heard a manager take out a carrier in four words. Why? The carrier wanted to enjoy a day off spending time with his wife. Same manager took out her frustrations on me more than once. Only one time was it even close to being justified for my wrong actions — only ONE occasion. That was enough for me to bid out of a station that I had been at for over 13 years. BTW — this manager is now the acting MPOO for our city. Two LOW’s last year for me — one for a sprained ankle. Ever had to deal with COR? Disaster at that station. Took out 10 routes and took over 18 months to correct. I DO perform my job well because that is is the way it SHOULD be done. And I will NOT be quiet about it either. Ask my customers how I do. One of my priorities is doing my job well. It is not my highest priority, though. After the abuse of last year from management towards me, it never will be. Not revenge from me towards the post office, but clarification for me. As for understanding both sides — my father was a postal manager, and he would NEVER sanction this atmosphere of harassment, bullying, and intimidation.

  • NB Postal worker

    When did your pension start Pat? What a dope.

  • Bob Hollman

    omg this post nailed it out of the park.. have been a letter carrier since 1987 and has seen the Post Office get worse and worse with customer service every year..

  • dsgrntldmom

    I think you have a narrow-minded viewpoint. I’ve been at he postal service for 29 yrs. I am neither a union fanatic nor an overtime sucker. I’ve been a clerk for 7-12 yrs and a city carrier for 21-1/2 yrs. The postal service is suffering from the layers upon layers of useless management. The union crafts didn’t create the new low paid cca’s management did. Lucky you, you married up. You must have learned something from your stay at the postal service. You’re one of the useless management’s voice pieces now. Good luck, your MPOO might get downsized next

  • Mr.Postman

    You must actually have been a CCA who was fired.The PO has never laid anyone off.

  • Tad_Kimball

    another cant do the job of a person that moves the mail so i became a WORTHLESS management slug….posting their total lack of, or knowledge of what a craft person does OR the regulations that manglement is suppose to go by….typical DBM manager…now you can suck the manager with out hiding you where doing it when you “worked”, BWHAHAHA a manager that actual does work and not make up imaginary numbers…….Postal manager the oxymoron…under line moron of the 21st century!!

  • Das Boot

    And it was arbitrator Das who imposed it in the NALC contract and cut the pay for the non-career carriers.

  • dsgrntldmom

    I respect your stand. Nobody knows our plight . it is total harrassment everyday. We went through for last summer. My route is a 13.1 mile park and loupe route. I am 54 years old, with 29 years of service. In this winter season, I’ be had to beg and argue for assistance, bullied into skipping breaks and lunches. My record is clean and I love my customers. Stay well brother . I carry in Ohio.

  • dsgrntldmom

    Mr. Donahoe, you have lost sight of who paid for your 4 million dollar golden parachute, not a bad chunk of change, as you are begrudging every craft worker their mere $60,000 base salary per year at the top of the pay scale. It is our back breaking work that you have derived this ridiculous sum of money for your poor performance and misdirected blame for the USPS problems. You know it and I know it. It is overpaid, lazy management layers of jobs , whose only job is to harass and dream up unnecessary discipline for workers. Nobody needs daily stress of missing scans, being hauled into the office, formally warned, then giving a letter of warning next and ending with a suspension. I really don’t think the customer cares about msp scans. They want their mail
    I work in the new Ohio district and it is horrible. I have a 13.1 mile route adjusted by cor last summer. There was the smallest mail volume l’ve ever seen. This Christmas season we were bombarded with parcels. We had to beg for assistance. What an atmosphere management has created! I hope you enjoy your undeserved retirement windfall!

  • Capitalist

    Where else can you earn $60,000, commensurate with your (lack of) skills? It’s time for privatization, period.

  • dsgrntldmom

    It doesn’t seem donohoe had any skills either, he was a postal clerk. He learned fast how to climb the ranks atop the backs of others. Let me see you Mr. Capitalist deliver the mail everyday come what may, be bitten by dogs, weather with 50 degree below 0 wind chill. Oh, by the way Mr. Mental giant, I started at the postal service making $9.69 per hour in 1986. Try carrying the mail that long. Please tell me the scope of your training and your salary.

  • jrkakapastate

    I don’t know much, but I do know this. I worked for the USPS for roughly 3-5 yrs. I never laughed so much in my entire life with some of the monkey shines I witnessed. Dream up what you will about “the business of mail”. I don’t think Mr. D deserves a pension, much less a salary he received.

  • retired too

    If I were to comment based on your post I’d say you’re overpaid at what you do. Alas since I am ignorant as to what that entails it would be wrong of me to offer such an opinion. Get it?

  • runnwild1

    That’s why his name is DonaHOE! I have worked for USPS in excess of 39 yrs, all at the Cincinnati BMC/NDC. In all those years I have never seen amgmt team, from top to bottom, anymore inept and impotent as now. Anything positive these days is being done by the employees in spite of mgmt.

  • runnwild1

    Big wet shart for you, sir.

  • ARod

    Maybe you should read his post carefully before you make am ignorant statement. The 60k a year salary is the top scale. .meaning you need to have at least work more than 20 years. And i doubt it if you’ll even make it past 10 years doing back breaking work while being harassed by management to do it in limited time even if volume of work is twice or three times the normal. I would switch jobs with you idiots in a heartbeat earning am average of 75k and doing less stressful and less labor work than most postal floor employees.

  • retired too

    for clarity my reply is to Capitalist

  • t calhan

    You must have crap for brains

  • dsgrntldmom

    Thank you for your support

  • hardworker

    Most people do not know what we do. We go to work and stand for 3 to 5 hours sorting mail and packages for our route, We place all this mail in trays and load it into our vehicle. My route has 718 mail boxes in 42 miles. Many routes -esp. city routes – have 1000 or more boxes. Our street time is 4 or more hours. I have a high volume route full of upper middle class customers who get every newspaper and magazine known to man and order LOTS of stuff on line. After 24 years I have multiple physical related directly to my job. I have had hand surgery that went terribly wrong on my right hand and my left hand is wearing out. I have been hit from behind 3 times while delivering and my neck and back are a mess. Yes, I make good money, but I earn every cent. When I started I thought “how hard can it be?” It is extremely hard work. The outgoing PMG is a fool who sold his soul to get the PMG position. He is a disgrace.

  • willnotgopostal

    I personally hope he doesn’t enjoy his unearned pension! I will be thrilled when this piece of crap retires! If anybody deserves to get sick & die immediately after he retires, it would be him!

  • Tad_Kimball

    I see another cant do the job of a person that moves the mail so i became a WORTHLESS management slug….posting their total lack of, or knowledge of what a craft person does OR the regulations that manglement is suppose to go by….typical DBM manager…now you can suck the manager with out hiding you where doing it when you “worked”, BWHAHAHA a manager that actual does work and not make up imaginary numbers…….Postal manager the oxymoron…under line moron of the 21st century!!e you had my post removed…true hurts? Go kiss another managers butt!!

  • Mr.Postman

    And Downahole’s side kick,Megan B. the next PMG ,was a carrier for all of a year before family connections got her immediately into management.

  • Pm wifey is a douche

    Pm wifey.., your fucking delusional spend less time on your knees and more time seeing the truth

  • Pm wifey is a douche

    You don’t have a clue… Idiot, you work 7 yrs of service and quit… Lmao.. And your attitude reflects very well the attitude pm’s have… You only worked 7 yrs… 7!!! Who are you to tell ANYONE … Especially 30yr service ppl what to do? You don’t deserve any right to tell anyone what to do or say! And I could care less about who your married to.. The post office is in the worst shape now than 15yrs ago… Your husband is part of the problem… All management and higher ups ARE THE PROBLEM!! Douche bag .. Go back to being on your knees and swallow more bullshit you asshole

  • matt

    Ups pays more than the USPS and they are private business. Oh yeah and we use the same skills to do our jobs!

  • Ricky Boyd

    I agree with most of these post….Donahoe created this big mess & decided to retire knowing that he screwed the USPS. As for the UPS guy comment, your company don’t deliver to certain rural area. So how could doing what you do be better? Get your facts before you speak. By the way, UPS goes through USPS for their rural delivery. There’s a reason your company color is brown, you are full of it!!!

  • hoop-t

    sounds like you should have supported your union more, instead of being on your knees at the supervisors desk so much. You got what you deservered. Hope you atleast learned something.

  • Bob D

    On his watch the Postal Service lost a $56 million grievance. Where is the outcry from people like Isa? Why does Mr. Donahue get to retire with his pension and perks? How much more $$$ did they lose on grievances alone while he was minding the store? Why is no one at the top of the USPS held accountable?

  • kingfisher552

    Hey Potter! Forgive my stumbling tongue,I meant Donahue. How much is your parachute worth? As much as your predecessor ? Finish your spiel, shut up, and shove off. You’ve done enough damage.

  • Mailhandler

    We used to say in the Military, its not who you know… Its who you blow, that gets you promoted… Management fits this!

  • Mailhandler

    I hear you Brother… MHA’s are being abused here because they are not career!! We have had two brother Mailhandlers disciplined for belly bumping, and are in the process of grieving for their jobs back. Managers utilize a PA system to manage, screaming for people to go here, there and everywhere, not caring if they are on lunch (they harass folks in the lunch room) or in the latrine! We are on the list of 84 to be consolidated, and I will be retiring with 20 in 350 and a FWU! NPMHU for life!

  • dauchund

    I got one for ya I called in sick my last 2 days before I retired which many do I had 1986 hours of sick leave saved I got a priority letter in mail from p m stating that my sick leave slip from Dr was not good enough that I needed documentation as to why I was unable to preform my duties as a letter carrier or I would be charged AWOL for my last two days and that’s what she did 8 days pay on my last check and 2 days AWOL a real bitch…

  • ET Ed

    Nobody is held accountable at the top because there has been no oversight from the BOG with six seats vacant because the Senate refuses to confirm the nominees to fill those seats and those that are on it are for Donahoe’s big sell off to privatization. Also,lack of oversight from Congress,with Chairman,Darrell Issa and the Republicans on the committee pushing for the demise of the Postal Service.

  • NCain

    Not only rural, I as a City Career deliver a lot of packages with the UPS on the label.

  • Allen M. Pferschy Jr.

    Has anyone ever heard a PM or any supervision admit to their shortcomings?In my opinion,the USPS could save a lot of money by suspending ALL management;the operation would run much smoother!

  • Ed of Ct.

    In private industry UPS and FedEx there are 25-50 employees per supervisor. In the USPS there are 1 stupidvisor-boss to 7-8 workers. No racial pun intended but the USPS could use More Indians and less stiff chiefs like Donahue and his ilk.

  • daddybear67

    Thank you! Be safe!

  • otto

    I’ve worked for the United Sates Postal service 30 years now and have seen the changes in the Postal Service, the biggest PROBLEM with the system is management, if they would offer a early retirement for carriers with 30 years or more that make $28.00 or more they could hire people for HALF OF IT and SAVE THE OTHER HALF and stop hiring frends or family who can’t do the job.Myself at my age can run rings around most of the young KIDS they hire now a days and stop promoting people who SCREW UP. The saying in the Post Office is you( SREW UP YOU MOVE UP )

  • otto

    I agree with you I’m a city carrier and deliver alot of UPS PACKAGES and FEDEX along with AMAZON PACKEGES along with my regular mail BECAUSE UPS andFEDEX coundn’t HANDLE THE WORK LOAD I DON’T FEEL GUILTY WHEN I CASH MY PAY CHECH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    Just as long as your pockets are full you could care less about the average employee, you are enough to make anyone throw up!


    like I said before until it was deleted you are an ASSHOLE!

  • Mail Handler

    People coming in to the Postal Service deserve a good living wage like you did,you idiot and any cost savings from paying new employees half what the outgoing employees made would go to fatten the pay of management from the top down and bigger bonus’s.Are you too dumb to know that after 30 years of employment there?

  • Zeus

    Then he should also include EAS employees in his rant ,why should those who screw up time and again,which is the majority of them be entitled to lifetime employment in the Postal Service?

  • Old Mailman

    His removal being affirmed by an arbitrator means the NALC did a lousy job defending him in his case,which has become all too frequent in recent years.

  • John W. Shreve

    Oh, the cheek! How dare craft employees strive to ensure solid careers with deserved benefits.
    And that customers want to maximize their profits with lower prices.
    Have we found someone who would be a worse POTUS than Trumpster Fire?

  • Newman

    Why is this idiot still on the postal news banner page

  • Archie Daneker

    Pat Donahoe caused most of the problems. These people in upper management should have all been fired. Plant closures saved a whopping 5% of what was projected by Pat Donahoe and the idiots. They slowed the mail down costing more business to be lost. The Flat sequencing sorters cost 6 Billion, yes with a B and they are the biggest failure in the history of the Post Office. Who is responsible? Pat Donahoe and the idiots in Washington. They all get huge pensions and he blames the customers. They should all lose their pensions.

  • winter


  • 2_another_one_bit_the_dust

    Plus that mail is processed and delivered free by our carriers. How did it end up at the USPS? : (