APWU President’s Statement on PMG’s Remarks to the National Press Club and his ‘Verbal Attack’ on APWU

apwulogo01/06/2015 – The nation will benefit from the departure of Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe. In his short tenure, Donahoe has led an all-out assault on the nation’s Postal Service. He has shuttered hundreds of mail processing facilities, slashed hours at thousands of neighborhood post offices, and sold priceless postal real estate. Just this week, he implemented service cuts that will virtually eliminate overnight delivery of first-class mail and slow all mail throughout the country. Patrick Donahoe has run the service into the ground.

America needs a Postmaster General who will enhance and expand service. There is great potential. The USPS is uniquely positioned to serve the booming market for package delivery created by the ecommerce revolution. And the Postal Service, which already processes more money orders than any other institution, should expand its array of financial services. The USPS Inspector General has reported that this would benefit millions of Americans, especially those who don’t have bank accounts, while generating annual revenues of $9 billion for the Postal Service.

Instead, Donahoe has outsourced work and sent its customers to private companies such as Staples, which uses poorly paid and largely untrained workers. The APWU has opposed the no-bid deal with Staples and cuts in service, and for this Donahoe calls us “narrow-minded.”

We aren’t narrow-minded; we are single-minded in our belief that the Postal Service is a national treasure. It belongs to the people and benefits our entire nation. We call on incoming Postmaster General Megan Brennan to reverse the destructive policies of her predecessor and champion this great American institution.

via Dimondstein Statement on Postmaster General’s Remarks to the National Press Club and his Verbal Attack on APWU | APWU.

  • Spoton

    She is a puppet on strings also. Watch and see. She will retire within two years. The amount of part time non career employees entering the workforce with little to no benefits will be the downfall.

  • nom de plume

    I love how he quotes the $9 billion to be made from Postal Banking. The only way to make that kind of money is to charge pay-day loan rates or capture 100% of the market. Do your homework Dimondstein.

  • paul

    Actually, the pay day loan industry generates approximately $80 billion per year in fees and excessive interest rates. The OIG report states that USPS should be able to capture 10% to 12% of this market almost overnight and increase its share from that point.

  • Nom de plume

    Yes to capture 10% of the $89 billion and make $9 billion the USPS has to charge the same rates the pay day lenders do.

  • Knucklebuster48

    What really bothers me is that the higher establishment of the USPS is so clueless to what is going on outside of their offices that they get up each day with out any thoughts of what needs to be done right to make this mess go away!
    You can’t cut services and expect people to be happy . You can’t cut hours and expect people to be happy.You can’t change mail processing times to get the mail out faster. You can’t keep moving this that and the other around like your playing checkers and hope people don’t notice.
    If contracting out services is costing you more money and it’s proven fact and putting it back where it should be,even as a trial basis to observe and evaluate cost and service reliability then why not do it ? The answer is the big boys and girls in the post office want more money in there pockets. They bitch because the union saves someone’s job. Yet when they have the opportunity to let someone go because he or she violates postal conduct they bend over even when a felony has occurred.(FACT).
    The Postal service has kept people and a short leash thinking that people don’t want a profession or career job for 20 plus years and yet if you look around there are so many people leaving now that have been here for 20,30,40,50 years of service and all they have had is a”CAREER” WITH AN AGENCY THAT AT ONE TIME WAS ON THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL IN COMPARISON TO UPS AND FEDEX! Now is a step higher in moving packages etc. even with all the hype of the internet. Quit giving away our services to mailers that need us to advertise there products. Quit using outside contractors to do do mail processing that can be done in house.
    So much of the service has deteriorated in the past 20 years it’s amazing that we can still function. Trucks are older,even thought they weren’t the right ones for the job from day one;communication is so old you need to send smoke signals to get to dispatch;tracking systems are beyond help;Even UPS and Fedex upgrade their tracking constantly.
    As I see it since 2000 this operation and it’s leaders have set this whole thing to fail and now the PMG wants to blame us and the public? We follow orders that come from people who haven’t a clue what effect their orders will do to business!They want to return the post office back to it’s original status of being a failure and as long as we keep having some fool running the show it will happen!

  • Scott, SSA Xtraordinaire

    Do you realize the kinds of “customers” we have would be the bottom of the barrel types that usually default on their loans, if they are able to. The Payday loan types usually will come after you for money owed, the Post Office, of course would not. Who would do the collections for the PO, or would they farm that job out, as they now do for bad checks. When this happens, the collection agency makes what they can, and the PO makes nothing. All postal banking would do would be creating another 20,000 management positions to monitor the short staffed clerks who would have to deal with this new group of bums, further alienating the regular postal customers. We already sell plenty of Money Orders, billions of dollars worth a year…would this existing revenue be considered new revenue if banking was implemented, with District yahoos taking credit for this new found batch of money? Would selling money orders now be a mandated question for the window clerks to have to ask each and every customer?