OIG says USPS didn’t enforce security requirements for contract drivers

The US Postal Service Office of Inspector General says that USPS management failed to comply with security requirements for contract drivers, with nearly one third of all contractors lacking the required security clearances:

uspsoigPostal Service personnel, including contract drivers, did not always comply with security clearance requirements, and controls over the process were not adequate. Based on our nationwide projection, 4,502 (31 percent) of at least 14,524 contract drivers did not have a valid security clearance. Of the 4,502 contract drivers, security clearances for 2,566 (57 percent) had expired.

This occurred because management did not have sufficient controls in place to track and monitor clearances for contract drivers. In addition, management did not sufficiently oversee or otherwise ensure responsible personnel, including contract drivers, complied with clearance requirements. Further, management did not properly train personnel to obtain screening information from contract drivers. As a result, there are increased safety and security risks to the public, mail, and assets, which could negatively impact the Postal Service’s brand.

View the full report (.pdf file)

  • TeflonPalin

    How can management have time to worry about contract drivers when they have to squeeze another 10 seconds out of the city carriers. Monitoring, tracking and harassing city carriers is more important than security.

  • Retired Mailman

    Guess who is in charge of the background checks for the USPS??? That’s right , the Postal Inspectors…..

  • Gatorman

    Retired Mailman…You know that the USPS OIG and the Postal Inspectors are two different entities…