Video: USPS to Begin Cuts in Service Monday

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The U.S. Postal Service plans to slow down delivery of first class mail on Monday as part of cost-cutting efforts in 2015.

First class mail consists of the bills and cards sent through the mail. As customers send more email and pay more bills online, the volume of first class mail has dropped by 53 percent in the last decade.

“Anything that you might imagine that comes in one day now will be delayed to two or three days," said Bradley Todd, a Springfield member of the American Postal Workers Union.

Todd said deliveries across the Ozarks, like a letter from Springfield to Lebanon, used to happen overnight, but that will change Monday.

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  • KMA

    We called that delaying the mail back in my day.

  • zak

    I hope they can perhaps get the mail to our offices before 7am with this change

  • Roger Glynn Richardson

    It could that they have lost all this business because the price of a first class stamp just continues to rise and the service continues to go south. Perhaps with a little less bureaucracy and more workers and less mechanization they could make it. It takes two days for a letter to go across town (pop. 3000) because it has to go to a mechanical sorter and come back. They closed all the rural post offices and hired carriers to deliver the mail that folks used to come get on their own.

  • IIlIIl111

    Republicans in the House (and soon the Senate) have been driving the Postal Service into the sewer for the past few years, on the way to TOTAL Privitization. Budget cuts, plant closures, cutting workforce, cutting hours at your local Post Office (or closing them altogether), etc etc. And when all you people scream about how bad the Postal System has gotten, they’ll say, “Oh well, I guess we have to Privatize!!!” Just like they did when Bush appointee “Brownie” at FEMA dropped the ball after Hurricane Katrina. Luckily for their Republican buddies, Cheney’s old employer, Haliburton was there to step in and take over the relief effort (for BILLIONS). Same thing……………………

  • MrPolarBear

    Before they jump to the conclusion of privatizing the Postal Service, the public might want to be educated on home much more expensive a privatized postal service is and the poorer service you will get. Every Country that has privatized has had postage rates gone up. Many has had home delivery terminated. Look at Canada. It’ cost a dollar to mail a one ounce letter. The US Postal Service does a two ounce letter for half the price. In Canada, you are mandated to rent PO Boxes. They passed a law last year to end mailbox deliveries. You have to drive to them to get your mail. Wake up America. Congress is taking away your rights to have a Postal Service. They are taxing the Postal 5.5 Billion dollars each year forcing them into bankruptcy so they can privatize them. Why? So they can sell postal properties to fatten congresses pockets with kick backs. Privatizing the Postal Service is going to cost us all money.

  • Larry Dickman

    The group ruining the Postal Service is MANAGEMENT! The postal service is so micro-managed now that work internally has become inefficient. Unnecessary reports, LMD implementation, reports being due early in the morning at offices that only have one officer running them while that officer also has to put mail up in PO boxes, help customers at the window, take care of mis-sent mail and CFS issues, etc. The
    Postal Service needs to go back to its roots. We are a SERVICE not a a business. Our goals are to make enough money to operate efficiently and to also provide a mail service to the public.

    Here are a few examples of stupid reports:

    The Daily F2C wants to know how the hours yesterday compared to the same time last year. Who gives a shit? These times are already in the computer systems at the different HQs. Run your own damn report!

    AM/PM report. This is entirely unnecessary. When we scan distribution we are open. When we scan the closeout we are closed.

    Rural Time by 10 AM. REALLY? Rural time is already set. If a rural carrier does it quickly or if it takes a long time, the route has a set amount that will be paid. There is too much other stuff going on which makes this 10 AM deadline is not practical.

    BMEU mailings. Why does a report need to be done on this? POS ONE can report the transaction just fine.

    Volume reports. These should all be automated in DPS. The entire mail system should be automated in regards to how much volume there is. The system should already know how many letters, flats, SPRs, and parcels are at the post office before the truck even gets there.

    One thing that absolutely annoys me where I work is mis-addressed letters for PO Boxes. If it has no PO box address on it and the customer has no mailbox at their physical address then the letter should be returned to the sender as stated in the DMM. Instead many offices completely ignore this rule and deliver it to a PO box anyway. Why would the recipient contact the sender that a letter was not addressed correctly if the mail is still getting to them? We do have a few good systems in place to fix things but a lot of postal workers are too lazy to follow them. They don’t want angry calls or visits from recipients who didn’t get their mail because it was not addressed correctly. BOO WHO! The system should already see addresses as already being reported with CFS issues to be returned to the sender until they get the address right.

  • Guest

    Larry you said it right!
    Good job!! I could never figure out why these reports were needed when it is all in the system.

  • kj

    I agree with this. As a c/s supervisor, the reports that we had to prepare every morning were ridiculous.If they weren’t done you got a call from district. They didn’t read them but it would show up if you didn’t send them!!!

  • TeflonPalin

    Except now it is OK to do because management is doing it.

  • retired too

    The real purpose is to further the ” big brother is watching you” policy which permeates the entire postal management culture. It is a form of subtle intimidation. That is exactly the feeling upper management wants to generate from the mid level managers through to the craft employees.

  • gone

    All these unnecessary reports are done so that management has something to do. It’s simply busy work to justify their existence. Non essential reports and harassing carriers are 99% of their “duties”. Where else can you find a high paying job where you do reports that are never read and get your kicks by making life miserable for your employees.