Acting PRC chair bans all agency travel

The web site reports that the acting head of the Postal Regulatory Commission has frozen all agency travel:

taubActing Postal Regulatory Commission Chairman Robert Taub banned all official travel until further notice just days after President Obama nominated him as the interim successor to the former PRC chief, who had come under fire for taking too many overseas trips.

Taub announced the new policy in response to concerns raised by the agency’s watchdog, according to an internal memo obtained by the Washington Examiner.

“Effective immediately, all international and domestic travel by Commissioners and staff, except for those that were approved before Dec. 3, 2014, is frozen until further notice,” the Dec. 8 memo said.

Former PRC chair Ruth Goldway was replaced by Taub after a right wing web site suggested that despite earlier critical IG reports, Goldway had continued to undertake unnecessary foreign travel.

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  • Carl P. Anderson

    He will pee on a tree, to mark his territory, and be gone. The USPS has suffered through Seagull Management too many times before. You know, fly into the room, make a bunch of noise, crap everywhere, and then leave. Any drunk on the street could make this decision.

  • Gregg Grubbs

    New Years Eve travel and bar tabs are NOT included in the ban!!