Video: A Test for UPS: One Day, 34 Million Packages

ATLANTA— United Parcel Service Inc. all year has been focused on one day above the rest: Monday Dec. 22, when it will deliver 34 million packages, more than any other in its history.

It is a big test for the delivery giant after last year’s embarrassing and costly holiday debacle in which millions of packages didn’t arrive in time for Christmas. To avoid a recurrence, UPS has spent about $500 million preparing for the holidays with projects including automated sorting systems to rapidly identify ZIP Codes and swiftly reroute packages in the event of bad weather.

That automated system—known as its “Next Generation Sort Aisle”—is now operating at three hubs around the country.

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  • knxpost

    so since the usps delivers around 30% of those packages they only delivered around 24 million on their own….