Video: APWU President Mark Dimondstein talks about planned changes at the USPS

Mark Dimondstein talked about U.S. Postal Service changes scheduled for 2015 which would not only affect delivery but and lead to the reduction of 7,000 jobs. He discussed his efforts to keep these changes from occurring and the future of the postal services as more people conduct communications and commerce over the Internet.

  • PMR

    Thanks for destroying the Postmaster Reliefs that have served small Post Offices for over 200 years. I hope your proud of putting all these fine folks on the streeet and sucking up 56 million dollars from the american people…APWU, you should be ashamed of yourself

  • Low wages?????

    Look at the benifits postal workers are making, 10 days of holiday, 5 weeks and a day vacation, the best medical benifits in the United States paid mostly by the USPS, 104 hours of sick leave a year, plus the $25.00 per hour….For no education come on APWU wake up and smell the roses

  • Doug

    Not everything that the APWU president said in this interview is true. Do your homework. This guy is a joke. BTW, it is now the Postal Service not the Post Office..

  • RaiderRo

    This guy is clueless about “Church bulletins, periodicals, christmas cards, etc”. The only thing keeping us viable right now is the package market. That’s what people want. That’s what we should be concerned about.

  • Jo Potter

    Not many people know that

  • Jerry

    The health benefits are far from the best. Also employees pay about $4000 per year for those benefits.

  • IIlIIl111

    Best medical “benifits” in the USA?? What are you smoking????

  • Thank you apwu

    Amazing how people are bashing the apwu and its president Mark D. He’s only got one year on the job and is proving himself to be a fighter. Finally a good replacement for the retired Bill Burres. People are always complaining about how much we make and how we should get paid similar to the private sector. Great, the 2 companies we are most closely associated with is ups and fed x whose regular work force enjoys higher pay and a far far better retirement. ( 91% of postal employees are in fers, 09% are civil service ). As far as pmrs go the postal services destruction is being orchastrated by upper mgt, the mailing industry , privatizers and special interest groups not the apwu.

  • JohnnyD

    You forgot the politicians!!!

  • common sense

    I wouldn’t say they’re the best, necessarily, but they are much better than the vast majority of Americans have. Also- you can get by paying much less than $4,000 a year. GEHA high option, the most expensive FFS plan, will cost you $5k a year, but the standard option, which is fine for most people, is $2,300 a year.

    The average annual premium for workers with employer sponsored health insurance in the US is $4,823. All the people I talk to who work in the private sector seem to have huge deductibles and copays too- much more than I have had to pay under FEHB.

    The national premium numbers I quoted are here:

  • postalnews

    You might want to take a look at the actual revenue numbers. Standard mail still brings in more revenue than packages, and first class still brings almost as much as standard and packages combined. If all you want to do is packages, you need to get rid of about 80% of your workforce, because 80% of your revenue comes from things other than packages.

  • RaiderRo

    And that is RIGHT now as opposed to the future. We’re testing out grocery delivery in SF. Most people I know younger than me use the mail(letters) for NOTHING and they don’t care when they get a bill.

    I agree with him on the postal banks, E-commerce and many other issues. We need to keep revamping this industry and yes congress needs to ditch the pre-funding requirement. But streamlining the business and thinking we can rely on the traditional mail is foolish.

  • postalnews

    But you can’t have it both ways- if you want to get rid of “traditional mail”, you have to “streamline the business”. Package delivery is growing, but in terms of jobs, you’re looking at a low wage, part time flexible workforce. You don’t need a full time workforce to do “grocery delivery in SF”- you need people who are available for a random number of hours whenever you need them. It might be fine for kids trying to work their way through school, but not for men and women trying to support a family.

    Is that what you want?

  • postalworker1

    after 30yrs, think 25$ is ok!! I am not complaining I do appreciate what the union does for our pay and benefits

  • Russ

    Gordon Lightfoot Wreck Of The
    Edmund Fitzgerald

    Wreck Of The U.S. Postal

    Our Postal Service was
    founded in 1775 with Benjamin Franklin being our first Post Master.

    The Postal Service is in
    trouble because of a 2006- law that requires the Postal Service to pre-fund the
    cost of retiree’s benefits for the next 75 years in 10 years time.

    No other company or agency in
    America is required to do this.

    In June 2011 legislation was
    introduced which will be the Wisconsin of the Postal Service if it becomes law.
    It will dismantle collective bargaining and forbid payment of severance pay to
    retirement-eligible employees. And reduce delivery services and close plants
    and post offices.

    Another bill which would
    prevent the financial collapse of the USPS – without closing thousands of post
    offices, eliminating hundreds of mail processing facilities, delaying mail
    delivery, laying off 120,000 workers, cutting postal workers’ pay, or ending
    collective bargaining rights.

    We are in the fight of our
    lives but people have voted wrong for too long and done nothing to help
    preserve their jobs over the years.
    People tell me it doesn’t matter what we do as we are doomed anyway.
    Their mind is made up even
    before they have even tried.

    All we can do is say we went
    down trying to keep our Eagle from drowning to keep service for the American
    people and jobs and benefits for the workers.

    Many people will never give
    up until all services that help us including the Postal Service are bled and
    dead. Common sense is not in the makeup to improve the economy, only the rich
    get richer and the poor poorer.

    Private companies will not
    deliver to the rural areas or inner cities and the elderly will not get their

    We will have a museum of our
    defunct Postal Service.

    The Carpenters We’ve Only Just Begun

    The Dismantling Has Begun

    Dismantling has begun with service reduction layoffs, closures and legislation.

    are made up before studies are even done with legislation ultraviolet as the
    horizons with every one for themselves, as long as it doesn’t affect me.

    it over with the few who care to say we went down trying.

    when the election comes we hope the better candidate will be the one so the
    dismantling will be the slower one.

    Dismantling Has Begun.

  • Mail Driver

    And if Donahopeless and his sidekick Megan have their way in a postal bill or worse,the CBA, USPS employees would be taken out of FEHB and they would create a USPS only system run by the incompetent postal service management,that they themselves won’t be required to participate in,scary thought,and why have the postal union presidents been silent on this?

  • Mail Driver

    You forgot about that clown Cliff “Goofy”Guffey,who was Donahoe’s lackey and gave away all the hard fought gains and more that Biller and Sombrotto got for postal employees years ago.

  • common sense

    Hunh? Silent? They all came out against a separate health plan as soon as Donahoe came up with the idea. A lot of people outside of the USPS also came out against it because it could damage FEHBP.

    Nobody’s talking about it much at the moment because there is no legislation on the table to allow the USPS to do it.

  • retired too

    If you are going to claim APWU workers have no education first try spelling benefits correctly.

  • retired too

    You’re blaming the wrong party. APWU represents craft workers, that’s what they do. Would you really expect otherwise? The $56 million remedy was awarded for violations of a freely negotiated contract. The APWU was only doing their job. Focus your anger toward the real instigator, upper postal management that has been attacking their own employees for years now both craft and management.

  • postalworker1

    Are you a APWU member? if yes, they should hav fought for your job?? if not what union r u in?

  • freecountry

    First it is obvious you don’t work for the USPS because depending on what week you want off it may take 48 hours of vacation. Second. My wife has full paid health benefits at a grocery store! Third. I have a degree in diesel engine repair. So lets discuss no education….Duh