USPS sets records for package deliveries, online visits

COO Megan Brennan, center, visits employees at the Gracie/Yorkville Station in New York City.

From USPS News Link:

The Postal Service made history in recent days, setting records for package delivery and online visits as the peak holiday season kicked into overdrive.

On Dec. 15, USPS delivered 27.9 million packages, the most single-day package deliveries in the organization’s 239-year history. On the same day, received a record 7 million visits.

The records may not stand long: More major delivery days are expected before Christmas.

USPS has delivered more than 2 billion mailpieces overall since Dec. 15, or roughly 15 percent of the total it expects to deliver between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The Postal Service’s performance is attracting attention from reporters, who are visiting Post Offices and plants to see employees in action.

At the Peachtree P&DC in Atlanta, District Communications Programs Specialist Michael Miles told a TV news crew about the Postal Service’s commitment to its customers.

“Our employees take great pride in making sure [holiday packages] get there safe, on time and intact,” Miles said.

Employees also are getting encouragement from USPS leaders. COO Megan Brennan visited facilities in New York City and Chicago, while DPMG Ron Stroman and CHRO Jeff Williamson visited facilities in the Washington, DC, area.

  • Linda

    I’m proud to be a postal worker, but it is sad that at the busiest time we have bare bone staffing!

  • James Martin

    visiting any of the plants being mothballed in 2015?