Carper calls charges he tried to “strong-arm” colleagues on postal bill “hogwash”

Thomas_CarperAccording to a Delaware radio station, Senator Tom Carper has called reports that he tried to strongarm his fellow Senators into attaching a postal “reform” measure to the omnibus spending bill “hogwash”.

Government Executive magazine Correspondent Eric Katz called the move an attempt to "strong arm" his fellow democrats. But Carper says… “I’ll be polite- I’ll call that hogwash”

Read more: Delaware 105.9 – AUDIO: Sen. Carper Draws Criticism Over USPS Bill.

  • Hogwasher

    Does hogwash was mean, I did it but I’m special so no comment?

  • Reverend Big T

    Can we throw out our democratic system and go back to an English monarchy? This democratic system is awful.

  • jj41

    please proof your comment before sending, it makes no sense.