APWU: Maintenance Craft Wins $8.64 Million Remedy for Improper Subcontracting

From the American Postal Workers Union:

apwulogo12/14/2014Arbitrator Shyam Das has ordered the Postal Service to pay Maintenance Craft employees $8.64 million for improperly subcontracting work that could have been performed by bargaining unit employees, Maintenance Craft Director Steve Raymer has announced. The decision, issued on Dec. 11, concludes four rounds of hearings on management’s decision to subcontract the wiring of more than 7,800 of the largest Associate Offices with computer cable.

Das first ruled on Feb. 11, 2010, that management violated the Collective Bargaining Agreement when it decided unilaterally in 1996 to subcontract the work as part the Associate Office Infrastructure program. Das instructed the USPS to assign such work to the bargaining unit in the future, but returned the issue of the remedy for the past violation to the APWU and USPS.

After the 2010 ruling, the Postal Service engaged in its “normal pattern” of “delay and obfuscate,” asserting that no monetary remedy was appropriate and refusing to supply the union with information necessary to determine a monetary remedy, Raymer said. “Consequently, the APWU had no choice except to go back to the arbitrator,” Raymer said. In two subsequent rulings issued on May 1, 2013, and Oct. 9, 2013, Das rejected USPS arguments that no monetary remedy was appropriate.”

The $8.64 million ruling follows hearings held on March 24 and 25.

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  • http://www.astro-nut.com/ Retired USPS ET

    Actually, the norm in the past for complex installs or updates has been to send a Systems Tech (higher level ET) who is familiar with the procedure to guide the resident maintenance staff in its completion. We have done major equipment moves, fiber-optic networking, etc. all over the country and have had extensive training in same.
    New equipment (ie; servers or automation) was typically installed as part of the contract buy (Lockheed Martin etc), but also made extensive use of in-house maintenance… it was a win-win situation as it eased demands on the contract while providing valuable insight to those of us who would be maintaining it.

  • Fred

    You talk like the Democrats actually care about the PO situation….all this time and nothing done…please don’t say the Republicans are stopping everything because the Democrats owned both houses in 2009 so in the end you can defend either side you want but if you believe they cared then answer what they has either side done for us….nothing…you just believe the democrats are on your side….I guess watching MSNBC or CNN will give you that false sense of security…and no I do not watch FOX…I have no TV…just read a lot.

  • Pulgany

    I have seen that done in the plant. Certainly a good way to go. But. sending these teams to the field is not the best way to go. I have the greatest respect for ETs. I think its one of the best jobs in the USPS. Most ETs are happy to do something other than other than routine maintenance. I dont think that works well for the remote Post Office locations, BTW the AOI severs in the office did nothing more than read a CD for Zip Codes that the POS terminals accessed. Overall though

  • Pulgany

    I worked for a few years in a USPS data center
    and did programming and project management. The BEST system I saw there
    was when the USPS hired contractors and they worked with BARGAINING UNIT
    DCS programmers so when the contract was up we had in house USPS programmers
    with intimate knowledge of the program. ( I did catch one of contracted
    programmers writing BS code just to make it hard to follow. I was
    learning at the time taking Grad Level College courses and was scrutinizing the
    code to learn and found all his BS dead ends. He was let go but the
    contract continued.
    In house working with contractors worked very well I agree.

  • think for yourself

    You really should read other people’s comments before you respond to them. I never said that “the Republicans are stopping everything”. I never said that “the democrats are on our side”.

    I said that the Democrats “are at least slightly more sympathetic to people who actually have to work for a living”. I don’t think anyone would seriously question that assertion. You’re welcome to your opinion of MSNBC and CNN and Fox, although once again, I never mentioned any of them, since I don’t watch any of them- not sure why you brought them up. Also, your suggestion that “the Democrats owned both houses in 2009” shows that you don’t understand how Congress works. The Democrats did not have a filibuster proof majority in 2009 and 2010, so the Republicans were able to block virtually anything they chose to.

    If you’re suggesting that there’s no difference between the GOP and the Democrats, there’s no point in taking your comments seriously. The Democrats in Congress are far from perfect, and their performance, along with the President’s, has been disappointing. But they aren’t determined to eliminate our jobs. As far as the GOP is concerned, people like you and me are lazy, overpaid freeloaders living off the taxes of hard working white people. Apparently you agree with them?

  • Mgt sympathizers

    The postal service bullies its employees and twist and breaks the contract every day. But now we and the apwu are supposed to feel all warm and fuzzy toward them and put forth a spirit of cooperation. I can’t believe people are not praising the union. Mgt is systematicly selling off and dismantling the USPS. Hiring cca and pse employees over the contract limits, sub contracting motor vehicle , maintainence , janitorial, window services to Staples, but the union should remain silent cause it helps the efficiency and finances of the postal service. Amazing!!!!!! Thank you apwu for a job well done