Video: USPS investigating cause of stalled deliveries as complaints rise in Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) — Earlier this week we first told you about a customer from Bryan who says his packages are not being delivered on time. Since then we have heard from several more people who say the exact same thing is happening with their packages.

When our investigation into Post Office package delays aired on Tuesday our social media accounts lit up with people claiming their packages are making it to Houston Processing Center and then the trouble starts.

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  • RouteAbolished

    USPS knows that more people are tracking their packages. So to speed up the delivery and to avoid any embarrassment, they are no longer scanning packages when they arrive at the plant and when they leave. The stations are scanning them as they are being sorted which then reflect “out to delivery”. Now you can blame the carrier for late delivery.

  • conserned

    This is all because of the so called money saving consolidation. They have been behind ever since they started to take on more mail. Not only are they processing there own mail they also have the mail from the Lufkin plant that was closed. They also have Beaumont’s outgoing mail to handle. Christmas is just showing the customers what is happening all ready on a smaller scale. Because they reduced the country’s plants the processing capabilities have also gone down. They are shipping mail to Dallas and Florida to process to try to keep up. Next year they plan to close another 82 plants and it is going to be even worse. They are not telling the truth about anything except that the government is taking postal service money in saying we have to prefund health care benefits and using it for other things. When will it end? When there is no postal service any more and you are at the mercy of a private service that is just out to make money instead of one that was designed to be self sustaining non profit for the people of the country.

  • Doug

    Congress has voted to keep 6 day delivery. What good does that do when the consolidations and the delivery standard change cause the mail to be delivered 3 or 4 days later everyday of the week including Saturday???

  • SamSam

    This is not an isolated thing, our unit deliberately delays mail on a daily basis. 10-20 trays of raw mail are sent to our unit from an instate plant (175 miles away one way) because the plant is overwhelmed, the Supervisor walks over and picks out the Netflix and 40-50 pieces the holds the rest over. The mail sits at our unit until the evening dispatch and is then sent off to another plant out of state which reruns it and sends it back again depending on volume. The mail may come back the very next day or 2 days later depending if the out of state plant sends it off to another out of state plant (190 miles away from it one way) due to high volume. If it is a Saturday with a Monday holiday the mail could go back and forth 4 days before it gets delivered. Medications and other packages are delayed because they are not Priority Mail when package volume is high….like at Christmas. To top it off 2 of the 3 plants are slated for closure. It’s our Season all Right Donaho, our Season of delays and confusion.

  • Kurt Eduard

    The 21 of November I shipped a package to Puebla, Mexico via USPS “Global Express Guaranteed”it’s a joint venture between FedEx and USPS for fast Guaranteed international shipping 3-4 days guaranteed Shipped from Spring TX 77380 Post Office, FedEx never received the package from USPS and when tracking it says:

    “Your item arrived at our USPS origin facility in SPRING, TX 77380 on November 21, 2014 at 1:35 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.”

    I have been at the post office twice, as I get no tracking updates on the package with urgent needed machine parts at a $600.00 of value plus shipping cost at $140.00, the post house can’t help, can only tell me that the government shut down a main sort facility in Houston and the package properly are stranded at another overloaded facility somewhere?

    I ship international goods all the time and now it’s a lot faster to ship from Europe and even Burundi in Africa or Thailand to Mexico than from Texas to Mexico, something to think about if you need urgent machine parts shipped to international destinations, buy and ship the parts from Europe, Asia or Africa if you need to be sure your parts will arrive in time?

  • Marcia

    I have over 30 packages that left the West Columbia Post Office 2/17/2015 due to be delivered by 2/20/2015 per USPS estimated time of arrival and every one still shows Left West columbia post office 2/17/2015 at 4:17 PM and are sitting in the North Houston Sort Facility ever since. NOT ONE tracking or moving.

  • Stuck in North Houston

    Yeah, “stuck in North Houston” seems to be the new standard for service for USPS deliverys.

  • Mercenary

    Guess USPS 2-Day Priority via eBay purchases isn’t worth the price of postage & handling. I am already on day 4 of an item I purchased via eBay that was shipped Monday, 02/23/2015 to my hometown and still have not received. What’s more, it is not even in my hometown yet according to the tracking # information.

    What’s up with that USPS?? Then when I attempt to call your 800-ASK-USPS #, I am on-hold for 30+ minutes just to get disconnected?? Is it any wonder why the USPS is losing money?? Their service is awful, absolutely pathetic !!

  • Jason Bourne

    It’s not just Houston. They suck all over the U.S.

  • Jack

    I have more than 60 packages that are not moving in the New York ISC international inbound. They are more than 1 month late. Still have package from december as well that are not delivered

  • pyschojo777

    $20.00 for overnight delivery… March 2, 2015 , 9:29 am Acceptance HOUSTON, TX 770XX. March 2, 2015 , 9:14 pm Arrived at USPS Origin Facility 77232. And that’s the last update. Didn’t arrive in Los Angeles by 3pm as promised and no-one can answer why. and they wonder why the USPS is going the way of the DODO bird.

  • amanda

    I am having the same problem with items ive bought on ebay. They have either been recieved into or just left north houston and then no update on them what so ever for 10 days now. Should have been delivered before the snow storm that hit the south. I was on hold with usps for over 30 minutes on 3 different calls and got hung up on every time. I would pay more in a shipping fee if i could get UPS to deliver my stuff. I dont trust the post office at all. I cant even get my regular mail on time. I go days at a timr without getting anything at home them one day my mailbox is stuffed full. The post office told me it was just something that happens sometimes…
    What kind of answer is that for consistently failing at what you are paid to do

  • Tash

    What date did it get delivered. Cause I’m going thru this today I’m upset. Floridia to Indians

  • shenyueya

    Gosh my passport is in it and the last update is on March 6th and it is a Priority Mail… OMG OMG OMG OMG…

  • roberty

    Whenever I order things through the mail the USPS does a great job, unless it is shipping from Texas. I am waiting on a package that arrived at its origin facility on the 6th. It has yet to move and it is now the 13th. Don’t mess with Texas based vendors unless they use UPS.

  • bryc

    Package sent from New Mexico to Ohio 3/13 with expected delivery 3/19. Insured and tracking paid for. Nothing showed on tracking after showed leaving local PO. On 3/21 local Post office says “file a claim” they can not locate any info about the parcel. Have sent three inquiries and filed a claim but have had no response from anyone! Now tracking said parcel arrived at and left Warrendale PA on 3/24 but no update on expected delivery. 24 hrs later and no additional tracking info posted. This was a hand made irreplacable item. Big mistake in trusting it to the USPS!!

  • Shopgirl

    We are a small online business. Our customers are upset because of all these delays! We are losing money! A package we shipped to a customer last March 21st has been sitting at a Houston Facility TX 77201 since Mar 21, 2015 9:53pm. It is now March 31st. Expected delivery was March 24. Customer is freaking our because item is needed for her wedding 4 days from now! Track it and see for yourself! 9400110899236408795250

  • Kristi Pew

    My packages go out at a rate of 5-7 a day. Of those 5-7, Priority Mail get there within a day of the estimated delivery date. First Class? Fuhgetabout it! I get 2-3 out of 5 that get to the North Houston Post Office (sorting facility) and they can sit there for up to 10 days! 10 DAYS!!! My customers are irate even when I assure them that the packages are not lost but simply sitting. I even send them links to articles. I had one first class package leave my home and arrive in Florida 17 days later. 17 DAYS LATER. This is why the post office is closing facilities: They can’t deliver on their promises.

  • ngocdaydoi .

    same here first class packages sitting in North Houston from April 1 until now April-9

  • Maike George

    Still very much a problem! I ship about 10 – 20 packages a day. Seems that this week nearly all my first class packages sit for a week in this North Houston sort facility. Why is it taking 2 – 3 weeks to delivery a small 13oz or under first class envelope that is 9x 12. Makes absolutley no sense. I sell on eBay and this is completely unacceptable.

  • Maike George

    I”m having the same issues. eBay will not help you even if you have tracking. They say you need to have a USPS posted notice for any delay else they dock your “defect rating” So frustrating!

  • John Smith

    My package has been sitting in North Houston USPS for five days. This is horrible for both customers who pay for shipping, and potentially for sellers who get blamed for the delays! They all talk big on the camera, but nothing is getting fixed!

  • Gina

    I receive express letters weekly, and they continually keep getting stuck at the north houston facility!!!

  • Jody Tucker

    Looks like I’m not alone in my frustration with the North Houston Post Office facility. In fact, I’ve learned this Bermuda Triangle for mail is not a new issue. Issues or challenges happen with any organization, but the fact that is has gone on so long without being addressed and solved is unacceptable. If you were unable to contact the facility, consider yourself lucky. The rude employee that answered my call (who should never be allowed in close proximity to a phone) only added insult to injury. This facility is damaging to both the efficiency and reputation the entire U.S. Postal Service.

  • Samianne

    It’s definitely still happening. Things sit at Houston for days and then get sent in the wrong direction where they sit some more. I just had to email USPS a week or so ago to get a (North Houston Sort) misdirected package back in the system and it was delivered the next day. Now a neighbor’s registered mail to Europe left our city and traveled 100 miles to Houston where it is still sitting. Mailed June 30, today is July 17. He now has no idea if it will even make it out of Houston. Sounds to me like a personnel problem, not a financial problem.

  • Dr. Evil

    Still happening:

    Have a look:


    Over two weeks and I still don’t have it.

    Wedding photos.

  • Andrew Henke

    Well this is great! My new MacBook charger was supposed to arrive today according to the “expected delivery date”, and didn’t arrive!

    So I decided to do some research and came across this story about the north Houston facility by chance and then realize my package was coming from Texas.

    “It couldn’t possibly be the same facility,” I thought.

    Sure enough, checked the website and there it was, N Houston. Hopefully they’ve gotten a little better since then.

  • Eddie

    This is still a problem! I have a package that stopped moving in the north Houston facility for 5 days… And counting!

  • Shaun

    Has anyone found a solution? I have had an incoming package sitting there since August 18 it’s now the 27th. I have filed a inquiry with the USPS my local office can not get a response from them. I have let the phone ring for 5 minutes at a time multiple times a day for the last 3 days never get an answer. AT a loss!!

  • Tim

    It’s happening to me too….somebody needs to manage that place better. It’s ridiculous…my package is stuck in a vicious carousel in north houston for last five days. I live less than an hour away!!! JEEEEEEZZ!! DO YOUR JOB PEOPLE!!

  • tearcollector

    It’s 2016 and my package “dissapeared” for 4 days and reappeared at being at the 77015 postal station. It was to be delivered on February 20th and I am waiting.

  • Relieved

    I am one of the fortunate souls that escaped the endless black hole that is NTX P&DC with only 3 days of pointless sitting. I have several priority packages shipped regularly each month and this is the first time I have ever encountered this facility and I hope it is the last. Priority 2 day was scheduled to be delivered Feb 29 from Nevada to Ohio and for some reason ended up at the North Houston facility where it showed arrived 5:03 pm and departed 5:04 pm. That was followed by departed Feb 29th, 11:02 pm, which was followed by yet a 3rd depart ntx p&DC time. It then did nothing until March 2nd where it showed arriving in Columbus. I feel for anyone whose tracking reflects any type of involvement with this facility. I am surprised mine didn’t end up in Guam based on previous comments.

  • Charles

    I have had a package sitting for 7 days I’m pissed off about it. I had the package sent Priority Express overnight. I can only get the same old answers. I filed an investigation that they say is resolved. How can something be resolved when my package is still sitting in North Houston distribution center. My resolution would be to have my package. I will never use usps for anything again. I’ll pay more to have it delivered by someone else.