‘We’re ready for the rush,’ PMG says

From USPS News Link:

The Postal Service is gearing up for the year’s busiest mailing, shipping and delivery days next week.

The busiest mailing day will be Monday, Dec. 15, when employees will process an expected 640 million cards, letters and packages. On the busiest mailing day last year, 607 million pieces were processed.

The busiest delivery day for cards will be Wednesday, Dec. 17, and the busiest delivery day for packages will be Thursday, Dec. 18.

“We’re ready for the rush and ready to deliver,” said Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe. “This isn’t just our busiest time of year — it’s our season. Customers can count on the Postal Service to deliver their holiday gifts in time for Christmas as we have for the past 239 years.”

This year, the Postal Service is expecting to process and deliver more than 12.7 billion greeting cards and 470 million packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve — up about 12 percent from 2013.

Read more: USPS News Link Story – Peak season.

  • joe

    We are definitely NOT
    READY, in Westchester NY District the Po.stal Operations Managers are making the
    Supv/ Postmasters walk routes to complete some 40% goal for 3999’s so we are not
    in our stations taking care of the mail and our customers.. Must be tied into
    somebody’s Pay for performance! They also want Postmasters to come into work on Saturday’s for no pay for the good of the service? But everybody and I do mean everybody is OFF in the Westchester District.

  • PMG Pat Donablow

    WE ARE READY! Then the dismantling and slowdown continues on in January and then I’m outta here! on to collect my golden parachute and a do nothing executive position with Pitney-Bowes in February,life is good and keep up the good work! and I won’t see you next time,I’m sure you will enjoy Megan’s video talks.

  • postalworker1


  • postalworker1

    Does PATTI BOY GET BONUS?? OH tht right he already has it Calculted when he retires