Video: Retired postal worker seeks $50K refund for insurance “overpayment”

A retired Illinois postal worker who never changed her FEHB enrollment to “self-only” after her children became ineligible for coverage says she’s due a refund:

A west suburban woman is demanding a refund that she says adds up to about $50,000 in overpaid insurance deductions. The I-Team investigation may leave you examining your own paycheck.

At this point it’s unclear if anyone is responsible for refunding a retired post office worker, but she believes she overpaid tens of thousands of dollars and that she was over insured. She admits she should have better inspected her paycheck deductions, but still wants that money back.

These two brothers are in their 40s, but it was only a year ago that they were removed from their mother’s health insurance plan. The brothers never used the plan after they turned 21, and retired postal worker and west suburban Bellwood resident, Teresia Price, says she thought that the post office and the insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield, would automatically remove them at age 21. Both agencies say electing an annual health coverage plan was her responsibility and that she should have selected an individual plan when her children aged off.

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  • RouteAbolished

    When BC/BS found out that I had cancelled them, they sent me a letter waning me not to make any claims under them in the future. Surely if one of her kids had made a claim after the age of 21 and it was denied she would have realized what was wrong. However, she should have reviewed the charges during every open season to compare costs. She just let it ride every year so apparently she was happy and can afford it.

  • Paul

    Speaking of refuds, I want the millions or possibly even hundreds of millions of dollars I would have earned if I bought Apple stock 20 years ago when it was selling for about $2 per share, it’s certainly not my fault I didn’t follow through with the purchase. Does anyone know who I should file my claim with?

  • JG4th

    Mama always said stupid is as stupid does….

  • Elliott

    I wonder if she also “forgot” to stop claiming her “boys” as dependents on her tax returns?

  • Michael


  • AC

    Yeah, it seems like a no-brainer, but believe me, if she, or her 40 yo children, would have tryed to make a claim, BCBS would have known VERY WELL that these children were too old to be covered by her insurance and would have denied their coverage, even though taking the premiums from her check every two weeks! Health Insurance companies, like all other insurances, are a bunch of thieves!

  • RandyF

    Totally on her. Every year there is open season where you can make changes. Every year, OPM pounds us with messages about checking our coverage. Being as she was a Postal Worker, she should have definitely known better than to expect the USPS or OPM to just change her coverage without her consent.

    That lady is just an idiot.

  • ben franklin

    Well of course BCBS would have known they were ineligible! I’d be pissed if they didn’t! Any time you file a claim, one of the pieces of information that the doctor or hospital includes is the DOB. It’s also the first thing GEHA asks me for if I search for a claim online. But GEHA has no way of knowing if I’ve had another baby (or adopted one) unless I tell them, by filing a claim. And either or both of the brothers would still be eligible for coverage if they were disabled. If they had filed a claim after their eligibility ended, the woman would have gotten a letter asking her to provide documentation that they were still eligible. Apparently neither of them filed any claims, so there was nothing for BCBS to be concerned about. If you sign up for HBO, your cable company doesn’t check to see if you watched anything last month, and send a refund if you didn’t!

    I agree with you that health insurance companies are evil (that’s why most civilized countries except for us nationalized health insurance long ago)- but in this case neither the insurance company nor the USPS did anything wrong.

  • Mark

    I agree….if she was in that need of the $$$ she should have watched what she was doing. She must have been in Mgt. their over paid anyway! Oh and while were speaking of getting paid back….a few years ago when the stock market crashed I lost $60,000 basicly over night because I chose to move all “FUTURE” monies to the G fund…..can I get a check please?? Some people I tell yea!

  • Mark

    But they didn’t, so what’s your point?

  • Mark

    This could get very interesting, hay mr tax man!

  • Tony

    Another Postal success story! Not overburdened with intelligence!

  • Mayra Ivette Solano

    I can’t tell you how many of my coworkers don’t even know how much is deducted from their paycheck for insurance.

  • Stupid or lazy?

    How did this person pass the postal exam and get hired if this stupid. Perhaps X military or of some other group that receives hiring preference because I doubt employment was based on a high test score. Every open season all employees receive information on changing your health care options as a reminder.

  • I want a refund

    I owned my house free and clear before I got married and the pig I was married to destroyed “my” jouse and never contributed a penny of their money towards bills or maintenance. When I divorced after 9 years the home was suddenly only half mine and I had to pay thousands to keep a home that was already paid for by myself before marriage . I got to pay thousands more to repair what the pig destroyed as well. Gee, who do I see for a refund???Wish someone sent me a yearly reminder of my rights to change.

  • ben franklin

    The trolls are up early this morning!

  • ben franklin

    So you’re saying military people are stupid? Last time I checked, they’re the only “group that receives hiring preference”.

  • RandyF

    Thing is, how is BC/BS to know what the actual relationship is between the woamn and the 40 yo people on the plan? Could be her husband, or an ex that she is required toi maintain insurance for. The insurer has nothing at all to do with this. OPM administers the payment of the premiums and pays BC/BS the employee portion and the government portion of the total premiums due that month for subscribers, over the entire country.

    To BC/BS, this numbskull is just a policy number.

  • rtsutf

    Your lawyer sucked then! In almost all jurisdictions any property that is acquired before marriage is considered separate. Unless you added her/him to the property title or agreed to it being community property in a pre-nup your lawyer made a major error!

  • I want a refund

    Your couldn’t be more wrong. The deed remained in my name alone. I interviewed with 3 lawyers before choosing one. Two male lawyers and one female. All said the same thing. After you’re married 5 years they get a nice chunk,when you approach 10 years they get a big big piece. When you hit 10 years you’re looking at alimony for life unless they remarry. In all cases they can get half your retirement for whatever length of time you were married. Your assumption does apply to personal property but in my state not real estate. In addition gifts and inheritances are not community property so if you expect an inheritance make sure it is left to “you alone”. In all cases if any assets you have increased in value while you are married , bank accounts, investments whatever , they can get half of increased amount. I’m not knocking you, I was just as misinformed as you are. My X signed a quit claim deed to sign my house back over to me even though mine was already the only name on the deed. Now nearing retirement I checked the laws in two potential states of future residence , virtually identical.

  • freecountry

    Ain’t that the truth……….