USPS tracks holiday deliveries on Times Square billboards

From USPS News Link:

How many holiday deliveries has the Postal Service made this year? Not sure? If you’re in the middle of Times Square, all you have to do is look up.

Beginning Dec. 1, the Postal Service has posted its holiday delivery tallies on two giant billboards in Times Square — at Broadway and 44th Street and across the street at 45th Street.

Each billboard is continuously updated.

“During this holiday season, we’re delivering great service to our customers,” CMSO Nagisa Manabe said. “These billboards let everyone see the results of that hard work.”

The billboards will continue to display USPS delivery totals through December. Employees can also check results on the tickertape that scrolls across ACE computer screens and the Postal Vision monitors inside many facilities.

From: USPS News Link Story – Delivering the holidays.