Video catches postal worker throwing package

TOMBALL, Texas –

A United States Postal Service customer says she is upset after her home surveillance camera captured a postal worker tossing her package onto her porch Monday.

In the video you can see the postal worker walk up the customer’s front sidewalk then throw her package onto her porch.

The package contained electronic gifts for the customer’s children.

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Here’s the earlier video referred to in the original story:

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  • RandyF

    First, I very much respect the job that these guys do every day. I am also a Postal Worker, but Clerk Craft. But, here is my take on this.

    When are these knuckleheads going to learn? Cameras are EVERYWHERE!!! Do the job that you know you are supposed to do.

    To their Supervisors, let them do the job they are supposed to do. Knock off the yelling when a guy gets back 5 minutes late.

  • Cat555

    That guy is just lazy, plain and simple.I am a city carrier.

  • RouteAbolished

    Too busy talking on his cell phone, too lazy to walk a few more steps and bend over.

  • joe stutzman

    I WAS a city carrier for 30 yrs. THIS is never acceptable behavior.


    Unacceptable behavior- I carried mail for 30 years and we NEVER did this–in fact if the customer was NOT home, we did NOT leave the package. I left notice and believed in safety first. I do not care about AMAZON and their damn leave it at the door garbage.

  • Root’n Toot’n Union!

    Unacceptable behavior! Plus, driving with the door open and then backing up! Lazy SOB!

  • Tony

    An obvious display of complete disregard for their positions as representatives of the Postal Service! Lazy, Lazy, Lazy!! It is always a few bad apples that give all the dedicated carriers a bad name!

  • Xpress Package

    They should see the clerks throwing packages to each route.

  • Paul

    You must have retired before Amazon. They want their packages left at the door, period! They are the ones paying us for the service. You can get in trouble if you bring the package back


    Civil Servant’s took an oath to protect the mail. At one point in time we were getting disciplined and fired for leaving packages at the doorstep.. So you can see my confusion- I retired in 2011.

  • ael73

    Just because all the above happened does not mean we as carriers should be throwing parcels on customers porches. We are what they see , let’s be the professional letter carriers that the customers trust.

    Plus in today’s work eyes are everywhere, do something wrong and your more than likely to have been recorded doing it.

  • acronymonious

    Just today a carrier told me his supervisor told him to just leave packages on the porch “this time of year.” That is why you can’t judge this guy based on the video alone. He very well may have been instructed to deliver this way. Idiot managers don’t understand customer service

  • Mailman

    That is what you get when you have CCA’s,which replaced the TE category paid 14/hr who don’t value their job.

  • RandyF

    What I see is a guy in full letter carrier uniform. That’s no CCA.

  • chris

    I’m embarrassed of these idiots….that one idiot was on the phone. I am a letter carrier and that kind of crap never crosses my mind to do.

  • cardcarrier

    I hope you are enjoying your well-deserved retirement. You would be appalled at the quality of the workforce since you left the service in 2011. The incoming CCAs are poorly trained, pressured and threatened into burning up the routes and fired for not meeting management’s unrealistic expectations. Beyond that, there seems to be a total lack of pride in the uniform and respect for those that wore it before them? I have seen these younger guys wearing their postal hats backwards, shirt tails hanging out and delivering mail while jamming out with their Ipods. Management doesn’t care about anything but the numbers until something like this video hits the internet. Then, they get up on the floor and preach about “our” image and how it effects the company’s bottom line. Thank you for your service!!


    Cardcarrier hello to you. Wow this opens the eyes. The agency under Donahoe is imploding. They hired an almost minimum wage young workforce with minimum protections and benefits. Donahow is about to hand the reins to Megan J. Brennan- The first WOMAN PMG and CEO. This agency is going to act like it is already a privatized corporation. Pathetic how they are using CCA’s as 204b’s all while mismanaging and ABUSING CCA’S. Hostile Work environments and LARGE class actions are the legacy of this agency now and If congress and Ron Johnson has it’s way, The USPS will break union collective bargaining rights and completely change the way they pay their postal employees. I feel bad for my postal family now as they are going to be dumped on in a very bad way. Trying to help by picketing and by contacting Congress and the Senate among other things. This is going to be a BIG fight Cardcarrier. We all need to support each other now.

  • Fred

    I agree, I am sure his supervisor told him to throw the package so he could get back on time…we should have had a standup about this…..we are only talking about one carrier so the problem has to be management, no one would be this stupid if they had a standup and still did it.

  • Gum Boocho

    That was a mild throw compared with what I have seen as routine inside the post office. I worked 8 years with the Post Office. Supervisors want the parcels sorted fast. Parcels were routinely thrown into hampers in the process of sorting. The hampers may be 15 feet from the clerk.