Video: letter carrier knocks down mailbox

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — The first thing Marvin Vinson noticed when he returned home from visiting relatives at Thanksgiving was his downed mailbox.

There was no note on the door, no phone message.”You would think someone would have the courtesy to take responsibility,” he said.

Vinson was curious about who caused the damage. Luckily, his home security camera captured it all.

As it turns out, it wasn’t just any vehicle that hit his mailbox and took off. Vinson says it was the last person he expected: the mailman.

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  • Tripwire

    If the mailbox was the proper distance from the ground, the extended window wouldn’t hit it. Not saying the carrier shouldn’t have reported the instance, he should have. Just saying if you go by postal regulation there is no way the extended window hits the box if it was the proper distance from the ground.

  • postman_mitch

    Mr. Vinson probably works for UPS or FedEx.

  • Ben Smith

    I have no idea what an extended window is, the window on an LLV is not “extended”. I drove one for over 20 years, I think I know. His mirror knocked the box off because he got too close. Easy to do if you are not being careful. Pure and simple.

  • Tony

    He should have reported it, it is the right thing to do! Now he has to face embarrassment and possible discipline because Techno Joe has a camera facing his mailbox!

  • donny2805

    The box had to have been loose to start with. I’ve bumped boxes with the mirror on my LLV and normally the mirror moves in like it’s designed to do. Likely the bracket has rusty bolts.

  • Bessie Funk

    Not pure and simple…Actually Tripwire is correct..look at the 12 second shot..if you put that box on the pole..its up to his SHOULDERS. This should have been written up beforehand. The clearance requirements are 42″ high..unless this guy is a midget..the USPS should have informed him of that

  • Ben Smith

    like i said, his mirror knocked the box off because he got too close. pure and very simple.

  • Cat 555

    Really, thats the news. What a pathetic TV station!

  • Little Brother is Watching

    If you really watch the video closely, it does not prove anything. At first I thought it was clear that the LLV struck it, but because there are not enough frames per second, it does not show anything. It looks to me like the mailbox fell after the carrier touched it which of course would not be the carrier’s fault.